Free scheduling software from Doodle is the online scheduling software that helps you to book and organise events with friends, colleagues and family. Divesting yourself of complicated email threads and scribbled-upon pieces of paper, with this free scheduling software you can easily create event polls whereby each invitee fills in the times that they are available to meet up.

Basic scheduling software for free at Doodle

Simplicity and fun are two of the most important things to at Doodle, therefore Doodle has tried to ensure that its service scheduling software is never confusing or frustrating. The process is remarkably simple and can be completed without having to sign up for an account.

To create a poll, you start here and follow the on-screen instructions. To create a basic poll, you can use this schedule software for free. After filling out the basic event information (name, location … etc.) you are then asked to choose the dates and times that you are available to hold the event. You then send a link for this poll to all the invitees and you will be informed when they have all filled in their availability. At this point you will be able to see when the best time is for the event to be held. Have a look below at an example of a completed event poll

Schedule an event with the Doodle poll

Janice Ratter’s Departmental Review has been organised using a basic event poll with the free online scheduling software. However, with Doodle you are able to implement the extra features that you can see listed below.

Implement additional settings

The Yes-No-Ifneedbe poll allows the participants to select ‘Ifneedbe’ to a time or other suggestion. A hidden poll will allow only the administrator to see everyone’s entries while the participants themselves can see only their own. There is also the setting for participants to only choose one option, which is useful if you are a professor and your students are booking appointments to come and see you. Finally you can also limit the number of participants per option, perhaps useful if you are organising informational meetings for a large group of volunteers or employees.

The best scheduling software with a premium account

If you register for a premium account with Doodle, then you will be able to synchronise your email account address book with Doodle, making it even easier to invite people to participate in the poll. With a paid premium account you are able to do even more, such as synchronise your online calendars to your account, meaning that you don’t have to constantly switch between the two when setting up or filling in a Doodle poll. Doodle is confident in saying that this puts the free scheduling software up at the top with the best online scheduling software available.

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