Easy scheduling for non-profits

Non-profits need to get stakeholders, constituents, or donors together fast. With Doodle, you’ll always find a time that works.

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Max out your organization's potential

Make coordinating pains a thing of the past and juggle complicated schedules with ease.

Book staff meetings

Set up a group poll and let staff members pick which times work for them.

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Coordinate with externals

Whether it’s fundraising or constituent meetings, it’s easy to schedule with Doodle without sharing calendars.

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Set up slots for office hours

Limit times to one participant and let constituents book from your chosen times.

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Share your availability with a link

Manage your calendar better with Booking Page by setting your own availability rules.

Impress with professional branding

Add your own branding to all your Doodle invites and Booking Pages and put your best professional foot forward.

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Find time for all stakeholders

Non-profits have all kinds of stakeholders and that makes scheduling hard. With Doodle, you can save time and get them together faster.

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Easy to use. Even for offline-first people.

Participation takes just seconds and is intuitive for people who generally don’t use online scheduling.

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Doodle helps non-profits improve things for others

Getting scheduling out of the way makes it easier to serve constituents and meet your org’s goals.

I save a full one to two work days using Doodle.

Travis Cramer

Travis Cramer


It enables us to have meetings that otherwise might not happen.

Katrina Enros

Katrina Enros

Science Gallery

There’s just so much back and forth and I find if you can just use something like Doodle it just makes life easier for everybody.

Dean Smith

Dean Smith

Canadian Dental Association

Non-painful meeting booking

With Doodle:

Finding the right time and getting the meeting booked fast. Important collaboration gets done.

Without Doodle:

Juggling complicated schedules and having to postpone a meeting because a stakeholder can’t attend.

Ready to take your org to the next level?

Get Doodle and ensure those important meetings happen.

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