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Booking Partner

Get free access to Doodle premium, integrate to your website or platform, and earn commission on new users that you generate. Free access, time saved, and money earned. It’s that simple.

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Influencer Partner

Become a Doodle influencer and a leader in booking. Show your audience the benefits and earn commission by using Doodle, referring users, marketing for Doodle, and more.

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Strategic partner

We are looking to partner with other tech and B2B platforms with significant user bases (10k+) to develop strategic relationships, build reseller programs, monetize integrations, etc. Inquire below.

Booking Partners

  1. Register for Doodle partners program

  2. Receive free access to Doodle Premium, specced to your needs

  3. Generate tracking link to your Booking Page and integrate onto your website

  4. Use Doodle to book your meetings

  5. Share revenue from new users coming from your link.

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Influence Partners

Earn as a Doodle Influencer in three easy steps:

  1. Sign up for the Doodle program

  2. Promote Doodle on your platform

  3. Get paid by Doodle — custom media arrangements available

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Strategic Partners

If you’d like to join a future reseller program, become a strategic partner or build/promote an integration with us - we’d love to hear from you. Click the link below and let us know what you have in mind.

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