The Doodle Web Scheduler is a web scheduler that can be used for free to help you plan events and organise your week. By creating a poll in a few simple steps, you can send out an invitation to colleagues and friends and ask them to fill in the times when they are available. As the administrator of the poll, you will be notified when all invitees have filled in the poll and will then be able to clearly see the best time for all of you to meet.

One of the best things about the Doodle web appointment scheduling system is that it can be used for a wide range of activities and purposes. If you are arranging your company or society’s Annual General Meeting for instance, you can send out a poll to all your colleagues and no matter how many there are of you, and the web scheduling software can tell you the time when most people are available. If you are arranging an information day or lecturer for people you don’t have the contact details for, you can share the link to the Doodle poll on Facebook or Twitter. If you are a professor or teacher arranging a time to meet students individually, the web based scheduling system will allow you to use the function that allows participants to only choose one time slot. Have a look at the screen shot below to see what a complete poll looks like.

View a complete poll

In this instance, as you can see, the Departmental Review could be held at either 11:00 AM on Monday 28th, or 10:00 AM on either Wednesday 30th or Friday 1st. For any event, with the Doodle web based scheduling software you can find the best time. Follow this link to schedule an event today!

Additional web scheduling features with a Doodle Premium Account

For a minimal yearly sum, offers you the chance to register for a Premium Account. This Premium Account offers you a variety of extra web scheduling features. You can use the web scheduling software free of advertisements, arrange for automatic reminders to be sent out to your invitees, and request them to provide additional information when completing the poll. In addition to these features, a Doodle Premium Account will allow you to synchronise your online calendars. In a matter of moments and only few clicks you can connect your Google Calendar, iCal or any other calendar with an ICS Feed, to your Doodle account. With this web based appointment scheduling software, when you receive a poll from a contact, you can instantly see when you are available to meet. Have a look below to see how that will look.

View the poll through your calendar

The dark blue boxes are the suggested times for the June / July Review. The light blue boxes are the appointments that Janice already had in her Google Calendar. By hovering her mouse over each suggested time slot, Janice can select either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Those boxes will subsequently turn either green or red. See below.

Select when you are avaiable through your calendar

When Janice saves her entries they will be added into the table poll.

View the result of your poll

Simple! Register for a Premium Account and start using our web based appointment scheduling system today!

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