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Scheduling is hard - we all know that. If it’s not trying to navigate the series of meetings, interviews and catch-ups at work, it’s finding enough time to catch up with family and friends.

Having an availability schedule and everything written down where you can see it helps and Doodle can make that possible.

Automate your schedule with our free online scheduling tools so you can ditch the email back and forth and be free to meet people when you want to. On average you can save up to 45 minutes a week to focus on more important things.

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How can Doodle help me sort out my availability? 

Start by creating a Doodle account and connecting your calendar tool. Once you’re on your dashboard, you’ll want to create a Booking Page - so you can use it as an availability checker.

On the top right, click “Create a Doodle” and select “Booking Page”. Alternatively, click “Create a new booking page”. In the first section, you’ll want to fill in the important details such as what the page is for, any description you want and if video conferencing is an option. 

To make the most of Booking Page as an availability tracker, getting the next part right is important. This is where you decide when you want to be available. Here is also where you’ll find the power settings - vital if you want to use Doodle as an automated availability app

One of the best features is the ‘maximum meetings in a day’ option. It works a bit like an availability calculator. Once you’ve reached the total number of meetings you want for that day - your Booking Page will stop any more being taken.

It’s important, if you use a few different calendars, to make sure the right calendar is connected. This will let Booking Page have your availability set, so people only book time you’re available and want them to.

With a Doodle Professional account, you can create as many Booking Pages as you like. This is great if you want to manage different clients and allocate them distinct availability.

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You can also find availability for a group

Booking Page is essential for seeing availability in one place when you want people to be able to arrange time with you. However, if you want to get a lot of people together, then look no further than Group Poll. 

You can make a quick poll by logging in to your Doodle account and choosing “Group Poll”. Add the details, pick times that suit and before you know it, you’ll have found a time for everyone to meet. Doodle really is the tool for group meeting scheduling.

What’s even better than being able to get cutting out the email back and forth is that you can use our scheduling app free of charge. If you want access to more advanced features such as removing ads, custom branding or limiting participant responses - you can upgrade to Doodle Professional.

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Being available doesn’t have to be hard

Doodle really is the availability app to save you time and maximize your productivity. 

Whether you want to give a prospective recruit as much availability for interview as possible or just find time for friends and family, Doodle lets you see everything you have - all in one place.

Make a poll today and find a time to meet the people you want to. Great things happen when we come together and it all starts with when.

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