Get Organized Today with Doodle Scheduling

Between friends, family, and the seemingly endless amount of work, it can be hard to get organized. Often the technologies created to help us only seem to slow us down more! Introducing Doodle: the world’s favourite productivity software. Doodle is a simple yet powerful tool that enables you to quickly create events, send out polls, and unify your platforms, so you can focus on more important things – like life!

With Doodle, you might not be able to do everything at once, but you’ll know exactly when you have to do it. Doodle’s intuitive platform is easy to use. Simply send out the invitation with your available dates and times and Doodle will then find the solution that works best for everyone – sending you a notification when it’s found. Simple. Anyone can create an event, and there’s no need to share personal details. That’s why over 15 million people use Doodle worldwide. You too can get organized with Doodle today for free!

This is how it works. Imagine you need to schedule a weekly meeting with your colleagues but the date and time changes each week. Just finding a time can be stressful. Here’s where Doodle comes in. To create an event simply fill out this form:

Once you’ve filled this out, enter your available dates as seen below.

And you’re done! Doodle will contact your invitees, and when they’ve selected their availability, you’ll be notified via email. You can also check the status of your poll online anytime.

Doodle is great for organizing meetings when you have a busy work schedule, but it’s also ideal for home life. If you want to arrange an intimate dinner with friends, an overdue high school reunion, or a big trip away, Doodle’s platform will save you time and effort. And it doesn’t have to be an event – when you create a Doodle Poll you control the settings.

From deciding which film to watch to which is the best gift to buy for someone – Doodle will help you find the answer.

Get Organized with Doodle Premium

Nowadays, most devices and platforms have a calendar; your phone, tablet, computer, even your watch. Unfortunately, the more calendars and diaries you have, the more complicated things become. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just have everything in one place? With Doodle Premium you can!

Doodle Premium allows users to sync their calendars into one easy Doodle Calendar. Whether it’s your iCal, Outlook or even Web calendars like Facebook, Doodle’s Calendar Connect feature means you’ll never double book again. It’s never been easier to get organized than with Doodle Premium.

Doodle Mobile: Get Organized on the Go

Now you can increase your productivity on the go with Doodle Mobile. In addition to a web app, Doodle also features a native app for iPhones and iPads. Experience social scheduling and connect with friends, colleagues, and associates anytime, anywhere.

With Doodle Mobile, you can expect the same great features that you can from Doodle, plus a whole host of new features. Users can import contacts directly from their phonebook, as well as chat with participants for added convenience. There’s no need to exchange numbers – simply share your availability via the easy to use app and Doodle will do the hard work. So if you need to get organized, try Doodle today!