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Since 2007 Doodle has become well known as the optimum free work schedule software available. Without having to pay for an account, Doodle allows you to book appointments and meetings with colleagues and associates. On you can set up an event poll with various dates and times and send the survey out to invitees for them to fill in their available time slots. Doodle is easy to use for both the administrator of the poll and those filling it out. For free, your online work schedule can be shared with the rest of your office team by showing when you are not available. So long as the participants are prompt, you can quickly view the best time to meet in a clear table. Have a look at the example below.

Free work scheduler on

Synchronise work schedules with a Premium Account

Now, with a Doodle Premium Account, you can sync your online calendar and view your work schedule while creating and filling out polls. This means you no longer have to switch back and forth from Doodle to your calendar. By connecting your calendar, you can view Doodle polls in calendar format with your pre-booked appointments visible and therefore eliminate the risk when viewing your available time slots.

Here’s an example.

Janice’s boss has sent out a Doodle poll to some of her colleagues to find the best time to hold the June / July Review. Because Janice has connected her Google Calendar with her Doodle Premium account, she is able to view her boss’s time proposals amongst her pre-scheduled appointments for that week.

Free work scheduler on but the calendar view is available with the premium account

The boxes in dark blue are the time suggestions and the light blue boxes are Janice’s pre-scheduled plans. By hovering her mouse over each suggested time she can click either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and the box will turn either green or red respectively.

Free work scheduler on but the calendar view is available with the premium account

Janice can then save her available times and these will be entered into the poll. In the end the poll might look something like this:

Free work scheduler on but the calendar view is available with the premium account

10:00 AM on Tuesday 5th is clearly displayed as the best time to hold the meeting.

A quick and simple work scheduler

As shown in this example, by integrating the work scheduling software you can significantly simplify the process of making appoints with colleagues within multiple busy schedules. Having a numerous work schedule software applications can easily lead to confusion, double-booking and missing appointments. Doodle brings your schedules together in one place and allows you to plan your days and weeks quickly, simply and securely.

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