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It can be difficult to create a weekly schedule for your employees – but thankfully, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. Doodle is up there with the best employee scheduling software available, allowing you to make a poll quick and easy. You can be confident that your staff scheduling will be done on time and in a secure manner.

Create a staff schedule with Doodle – a guide

Doodle offers you a fantastic solution with the easy-to-use staff scheduler. Here’s how to get started.

Visit Doodle’s homepage and began by clicking on ‘Create a Doodle’. Add the title of your poll and the location - this can be in person or remote. You can create the schedule for the week or for the month as I’ve started here.


In step two, select the suggested dates by simply clicking on them. The meeting time length can be made shorter or longer by clicking on the bottom of the meeting box and dragging it up or down. Your participants (or your staff) will choose the options that work for them, and in minutes you’ll have planned out an entire month’s worth of shifts.

For long-term planning you can switch to month view and get really far ahead with your schedule.

Week/Month View

You can also see which dates conflict with your schedule by syncing your digital calendars with Doodle. You can see your calendar as you create your Doodle polls and when you participate. With Doodle Professional, you can add great advanced features to help you schedule your staff shifts.

Group calendar graphic

Now, simply send out the poll to your participants to have them select the times that work best for them.

Using Doodle to sort out your staff schedules will let you automate the process and complete it in minutes. This leaves you with time to focus on more important things.

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