Managing your agenda online

As each of us live busy lives, it can sometimes seem like a job in itself to balance our personal activities with our work and to juggle the meetings, events, parties and functions that crop up each month. We have likely all been in that position where we have lost our personal diary or scheduler and suddenly feel that we have been cast adrift and are now lost and floundering in the week.

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In attempts to combat this, many of us now who have an agenda online to schedule our week and keep on top of our engagements. When searching for a free online agenda there is a large selection to choose form. Now that so many of us carry around smart phones or tablets they can be accessed while on the move, just like a pocket diary. In fact, the problem can sometimes arise because there are too many of these online agendas and we each use a selection of them. Many of us will perhaps use Google Calendar or iCal as our online agenda planner, but then rely on Facebook for social events and at the same time are committed to an in-house office diary.

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This is where Doodle can help you. With a free Doodle account you can upload each online agenda for free to the site and we will synch them all for you. You can see all you engagements and plans clearly and without clutter, and can amend and adapt your agenda daily online. Connecting your online agendas to your account is very easy. Because you can get Doodle on your mobile phone you will be able to view and amend your free online agenda when on the move. Once you have an account (which will only take a few moments to set up) you simply need go to your ‘Manage Doodle Account’ page and then click on ‘Your Calendars’.

At this point you will then need to do select what kind of online calendar that you want to connect. Doodle can connect with Google Calendar (we recommend this as the best online agenda), iCal (via iCloud) and then any other online calendar via an ICS feed.

Select calendar to connect

Synchronising each different online agenda with Doodle comes in very handy when you want to create a poll. Creating and sharing a poll with Doodle allows you and a group of colleagues or friends to find a time slot where you are all available to meet. If your calendar is uploaded to Doodle then our online agenda maker can instantly display when you are free. You can then send these time slots out to your colleagues and friends and they will enter in when they are free. Evidently this also works the other way around. When you are sent a Doodle poll, Doodle will read your calendar and fill in to the poll when you are free. Of course Doodle will never publicly publish the details of your appointment from your calendar on the poll or anywhere else.

Managing and editing your free agenda online

Whenever you want to disconnect your calendar from your Doodle calendar, this similarly is remarkably straight-forward. You will simply need to once again go to ‘Manage Doodle Account’ and ‘Your Calendars.’ Next to each character you have connected will be the option to disconnect.

Disconnect a calendar

Once you have disconnected the calendar you need to go the bottom of the page and reset your ISC feeds.

Disconnect calendar feeds

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