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Whether working individually or managing an enterprise, you must pay attention to the schedule appointment software you use to book meetings, organize events and stay on top of your calendar. 

Your online appointment scheduling system could affect your standing within a highly competitive market. Why, you ask?

Before anything else, let’s make one thing clear — there’s a great demand by consumers to schedule appointments online. In fact, 67 percent prefer online booking, compared to the 33 percent that would rather book over the phone. 

Online scheduling platforms are convenient, too. Just take the fact that 34 percent of online appointments are scheduled after business hours.

Let’s dive into the various benefits of investing in schedule appointment software and why Doodle can be your dependable and trustworthy partner in an online plan to schedule appointments for small businesses and enterprises alike.

How do you benefit from smartphone scheduling apps?

There’s more to schedule appointment software than merely scheduling meetings with staff and clients. 

It makes appointment booking much simpler and faster, making consumers feel more compelled to add a date to their calendars. This convenience and efficiency, in turn, promotes customer loyalty, reduces no-shows and boosts profits.

It’s worth noting that businesses that use online appointment scheduling apps gain an average of 27 percent revenue increase. Meanwhile, local companies that add a plug-in to schedule appointments for salons or schedule appointments for healthcare facilities to their website can experience up to a 120 percent revenue increase.

Revenue aside, an online appointment scheduling app can also increase staff efficiency and productivity. This is because clients book 46 percent of appointments online, so the staff only has to handle a little over half of the appointments in-person or via phone.

To sum it up, here’s what schedule appointment software can do for your business:

So if you haven’t yet, why delay your decision of investing in online appointment scheduling? Allow it to do wonders for your business.


Why book your meetings with Doodle’s scheduling app?

We’ve already established multiple benefits of using schedule appointment software. And that’s only scratching the surface of how you can leverage it for your business.

So now that that’s settled, let’s discuss why Doodle’s scheduling app is worth investing in.

Doodle is proud to say that it’s second to none when it comes to organizing events and schedules. You can simply pull up the mobile app while in the office, traveling to an appointment or getting coffee at your favorite cafe. It keeps you connected with people whenever you want and wherever you are.

What’s more, you can try it for free - no credit card required.

Book appointments and schedule meetings anytime, anywhere

Doodle is all about flexibility. So if you’re already familiar with our mobile poll maker, you can easily navigate through our online appointment scheduling app on your smartphone or tablet. 

You can also experience all the features and familiarity of our software on our standard appointment scheduler.

No credit card required

Stay in control of your schedule with a dedicated mobile app

Doodle’s scheduling app is available on both iOS and Android to help you gain better control of your meetings and appointments. 

Moreover, the software provides the option to integrate your address books and calendars on a straightforward mobile dashboard. How’s that for optimal organization?

Gain access to a scheduling app that’s unlike any other

Doodle offers an assortment of free and premium features that let you get the most out of scheduling. 

Doodle Professional provides an ad-free experience and limitless Booking Pages, which is particularly useful when running a large business or an enterprise. It also encourages better collaboration within your team.

Keep your calendar clean and organized with Doodle

With Doodle, online appointment scheduling has never been easier. Not only do you get enterprise-level security, but an extremely fast and easy way to schedule anything from a quick breakfast meeting to your next show-stopping work collaboration. 

But why choose Doodle’s schedule appointment software? 

We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves. More than 70,000 companies trust Doodle to help them start taking appointments in as little as five minutes. In fact, we have scheduled almost two million meetings in the last month alone. That’s nearly 44 meetings every minute. 

The best part about the app is its 1-to-10,000 scalability. Whether you’re an individual client looking to organize meetings with your freelance network, a busy team trying to align your calendars for a regular huddle or an enterprise streamlining your organization’s scheduling needs, you can count on Doodle.

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