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Double booking

Do you ever look at the events on your calendar and get overwhelmed? A packed calendar can already be a lot to handle, but when you have to manually schedule appointments, manage bookings and coordinate events, it can get exhausting.

An appointment scheduler such as Doodle can be an effective solution to help you streamline these tasks while helping with time and resource optimization. Most importantly, it can make scheduling easier so you can stay on top of things.

Imagine if you have to schedule an important meeting during the week, but don’t have your planner handy. You may forget about it or get the details wrong. Either way, it’s stressful, counterproductive and an overall unnecessary hassle.

Fortunately, Doodle is extremely convenient and you can depend on it on the go.

The appointment scheduler that does it all

Doodle’s event coordination software and booking management tools are designed with a user-friendly interface which makes it accessible, easy and intuitive.

With just a few clicks, you can create a Booking Page that allows your clients, co-workers or peers to see your availability, schedule a meeting and be reminded of it.

This eliminates the need for unnecessary communication that goes into scheduling and confirming an appointment. Now that you no longer have to respond to messages and emails regarding your scheduled appointments, you can focus on more important tasks and improve your productivity.

When it’s time to attend a meeting or appointment, Doodle will make sure that you make it on time.

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Calendar integration solutions to keep you going

With Doodle, shifting to the app and maintaining a centralized calendar across platforms is easy with its versatile integrations. After all, multi-tasking to keep up with your workload and appointments is challenging enough. You don’t need the tedious process of updating your calendar and schedules across different platforms to add to your burden.

That’s why Doodle has been designed for seamless integration with your existing calendar applications and meeting tools. 

Our software readily integrates with the most popular video conferencing tools such as Outlook, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and more. It also connects directly to your calendar so you’ll always have the most updated information, preventing double-bookings and no-shows.

This ensures you can attend and access important appointments, meetings, deadlines and other events on your schedule without toggling through multiple applications.

Doodle does all the work for you, so you can simply click a button to see all your important dates and appointments.

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Intelligent and effortless coordination and collaboration

Organizing and preparing for a meeting can be complicated and time-consuming, especially if you have to navigate around the availability of a large team. Everybody has their own busy schedules which are constantly changing. Finding a block of time when you can all make it is often easier said than done.

Doodle's smart suggestions allow you to instantly compare calendars and find a time when everyone can meet. You can even send a poll so people can vote on their preferred schedule.

Instead of going through individual calendars and checking for availability, the app has an “add time suggestions” button that will instantly recommend three possible schedules based on your desired attendees. These recommendations are based on everyone’s availability, your poll title and scheduling habits.

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Optimize your calendar regardless of your industry

Regardless of your industry or the meeting size you need to create, Doodle is there for you with relevant features and functionality that have been thoughtfully designed to anticipate your needs.

Whether you’re working in recruiting, sales or education, you can schedule meetings more easily than ever. Doodle is also a great tool for freelancers and consultants, non-profits and as an enterprise solution.

Imagine being able to meet with clients, vendors, candidates, high-level executives and donors securely with an updated and centralized calendar that can be integrated with most scheduling software.

You can even customize your Doodle so it bears your company’s branding.

Final thoughts

Feature-rich, seamless and easy to use, you can say goodbye to poring over different calendars again and again. Save precious time and effort coordinating and communicating about various meetings in your calendar with Doodle’s all-in-one scheduling features and integrations.

Doodle can help you propose meetings, schedule them and help make sure that everyone makes it so you can stress less about your calendar and make more time for activities that truly matter.

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