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Ever found yourself stuck in two virtual meetings at once? Or had a work colleague skip an appointment to finish a task? That’s the result of poor scheduling and will lead to reduced productivity. 

Work meetings are essential but shouldn’t interfere with other crucial business operations. Planning your meetings with a scheduling tool will prevent these mishaps and ensure full attendance.

Using Doodle scheduling software to set up meetings and appointments reduces overbooking and double-booking incidents. It eliminates the need to send emails back and forth to select a time suitable for everyone. 

It also saves time and helps everyone involved keep their calendar organized. Doodle appointment scheduling software is easy to use and has many features and custom settings so you can communicate your availability date and time to important stakeholders.

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Fix one-on-one meetings with ease

Imagine being a consultant wanting to close a deal with a premium client but you have to send loads of emails to find out when they’re free to discuss the terms. Seems inconvenient and intrusive, right? Fortunately, there is a simple solution. You can use appointment scheduling software to prompt prospective clients to indicate when they want to talk to you.

Doodle’s 1:1 meeting tool is helpful in any organization. Whether you’re a freelancer, in the education sector or a company manager. 

To get started, create a Doodle Professional account and set up a meeting. You’ll be able to pick specific time slots on your calendar that indicate when you’re available so your meeting partner will have options.

This makes you appear more professional and organized, creating an excellent first impression if you’re meeting them for the first time. Once they choose a time slot, Doodle will send them an invite via email. If you enable reminders, they’ll be notified when the meeting is close so they don’t miss it.

Your meeting partner doesn’t need to create a Doodle account to access your calendar. Once they click your link, they’ll be able to respond. Using a scheduling tool for events will avoid double bookings by removing any appointment in the time slot your meeting partner selects.

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Share your Booking Page with important stakeholders

By creating a Doodle Booking Page and declaring when you’re free for appointments, you’re letting your calendar speak for you. Use the online scheduler to make it easier for clients and coworkers to know when to fix appointments with you. 

Setting up your Booking Page is also easy and there are many customization options. 

You can specify the times of the day when people can meet with you while blocking off some time slots to avoid disturbance. For example, you can limit your Friday meetings to 3.00pm to avoid last-minute meetings that will disrupt your weekend plans. 

Go a step further to limit the number of meetings you can take per day, so don’t spend most of your time in meetings while neglecting core business operations. 

You can use a scheduling tool for businesses to share a link displaying your availability dates on an online calendar, so your clients and employees can choose a suitable time for an appointment. You can include a reminder when creating a Booking Page so the people you’re meeting don’t miss their appointment. 

Doodle can also serve as a scheduling tool for education. Faculties use it to arrange meetings with their students, ensuring that the appointment doesn’t stop them from attending other classes.

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Integrate all your productivity tools into one platform

If you use multiple tools for work, you can integrate them into one scheduling app to get everything you need on one platform. This saves time and energy and increases productivity. For example, adding all your online calendars to the Doodle scheduling tool gives a holistic view of all your upcoming appointments so you can easily set up your Booking Page.

Sharing this synchronized calendar will ensure you’re only booked for your available time slots. Doodle will prevent double bookings, so you don’t have to cancel any scheduled appointment. To add a calendar, navigate to your account settings. The option is located under the “Overview” tab.

Doodle also lets you connect video conferencing platforms to your account, so it automatically adds meeting links to every event you create. This is perfect for remote teams that must constantly be in contact. 

You can also schedule meetings directly from Microsoft Outlook after integrating it with your Doodle account. This saves you time and makes for a smoother workflow.

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