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With proper event scheduling and time management, you can keep track of meetings, group conversations and stop work from getting in the way of your personal life. 

Doodle has availability date management capabilities that give you better control over your time and work schedule. You can provide clients, employees and other important people access to your online calendar to pick a date and time suitable for a meeting with you.

Whether you are a manager in a large corporation or an independent contractor, Doodle can help you with availability date management. Our scheduling tool is valuable to professionals in almost every work setting. Its simplicity and user-friendliness make it a top choice for professionals that want to schedule and view all their appointments on one platform. 

Achieve efficient time management

Doodle takes scheduling and availability to the next level by allowing you to specify the exact dates and times you’re free. This saves you from sending emails back and forth to whomever you need to meet. Simply send them your Booking Page link so they see your available dates and pick the one that suits them. This efficient time management increases productivity because you spend less time scheduling meetings and more time on your work.

Work is important but you should also maintain a healthy lifestyle. Doodle’s time-blocking tools prevent people from fixing appointments when you’re taking a lunch break, having family time or winding down. You can block certain times of the day when creating your Booking Page. Doodle also lets you place limits on the number of meetings people can book with you in a day. Thus, preventing you from feeling overwhelmed or burning yourself out.

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Sync your calendars to never miss an appointment

Doodle calendar synchronization lets you integrate different calendars from various applications with your Doodle account. This feature allows your upcoming events scheduled in different calendars to be viewed in one place to avoid overbooking. 

Synchronizing your calendars is easy and you can do it in a few minutes with Doodle’s user-friendly interface. Sign up for Doodle today to take better control of your schedule.

To connect your calendars on other platforms to Doodle, log into your account and click on your settings. From here, locate and click “Connected calendars” in the Overview tab. Then, add the calendar account of your choice. Follow the same steps to disconnect any of your calendars at any time.

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Manage your schedule with a user-friendly tool

Scheduling your upcoming activities with Doodle is easy. The software is user-friendly and has lots of features. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it to set your availability. Doodle’s layout is well-designed and the tabs are easy to find. The options you see while setting up your Booking Page are self-explanatory and flexible. There are also many options to finetune the time slots you want to make available for meetings.

Users can access Doodle from any location if they have an internet connection. This makes it an ideal scheduling tool for teams that work remotely and across different time zones.

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Simplify meeting scheduling and availability notifications

Doodle makes provisions for both group and one-on-one meetings. Group meetings are challenging to organize because people have different schedules. However, Doodle has a solution for this, Group Polls. By creating and sending Group Polls with meeting details, all attendees can respond with the time they will be available. This helps the poll creator find a time that works for everyone.

You can create Doodle 1:1 meeting links and send them to whoever you want to schedule an appointment with. While creating the meeting, Doodle will automatically display your previously scheduled meetings on the calendar to avoid double booking. Then, you can set different time slots as options for the meeting. You can also adjust the meeting duration to any preset option or create a custom duration. 

Feel free to add a meeting location or select a video conferencing platform if the appointment is virtual. Once the recipient confirms the appointment date and time, they will receive a link to join the virtual meeting. 

These time management features can benefit professionals in any industry. Doodle can help them organize their calendars, manage their availability date and restrict people from fixing appointments with them at specific times.

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