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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

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Our sales team loves Doodle’s flexible scheduling solutions

Doodle is the scheduling tool that increases efficiency throughout the entire sales cycle; from SDR qualification calls with your prospects, through the handoffs to your AEs, and finally to group demos or onboarding with end-users. We know that every sales team’s process is unique, so we’ve built a fully functional scheduling platform, giving your team the flexibility it needs to efficiently schedule every meeting through the sales cycle. And since we drink our own champagne here at Doodle, we’d like to present how our own sales team uses Doodle to drive the sales process from qual-call to close.

"We book meetings much faster than we ever did by using Doodle's Booking Page. Our time to opportunity typically takes 2 days instead of 4 or 5." - Kevin from Doodle

More meetings, more follow-ups, more pipeline

Our SDRs share their Booking Page links in emails to prospects to give them the freedom and convenience to book meetings directly into their calendars. Doodle’s Booking Page is your personal scheduling assistant; a calendar link that you can tailor to your business needs. You can set your working hours with unique limits, so your clients or prospects can book meetings with you or your team when it fits for them. When prospects can book with SDRs directly, without all the back and forth of trying to schedule a time, they can have more meetings with better show-rates, qualify more prospects, and fill their pipelines faster.

Booking Page is also the perfect solution for account handoffs. Our SDRs use separate BCs that include the connected calendars of both the SDR and the AE, so when prospects book a meeting with those links, our team knows that both individuals will be available for the call. If your SDRs don’t need to be on these calls, they can easily book on the prospects' behalf using their AEs Bookable Calendar link. It’s possible to create multiple BCs for different purposes, to optimize the scheduling in your team’s workflow.

Every meeting, efficiently scheduled

Sales professionals know that it takes all kinds of meetings to nudge an opportunity through the pipeline to closed-won. After the qualification call, there’s a follow-up and depending on the context, you might prefer to propose a limited set of time options in the short term instead of allowing a prospect to book anywhere in your calendar. Presenting only a few time options is a great way to encourage participation, create a sense of urgency, increase show-rates, and move deals forward - enter Doodle 1:1 meetings. With Doodle 1:1 our Account Executives send out a few time options to a prospect, and when one of them is chosen, the event is booked to both calendars – automatically.

Inevitably, our team will have to schedule a technical evaluation or meet with the procurement team of an organization, and in those situations, our AE’s use the Group Meeting Type – it’s the most effective tool for the job. With Doodle Groups you can find the best time to meet with any size group, ensuring that you can get all the relevant stakeholders in the room to make a decision and move the deal forward.

Cleaner data and a smoother sales process

Doodle is fully equipped to schedule every meeting throughout the sales life-cycle. Efficient scheduling means your sales team can have more meetings leading to more follow-ups, and keep prospects engaged, resulting in closing deals faster and ensuring better quality data in your CRM. While it’s always best to get to closed-won, streamlined scheduling also means spending less time getting to a closed-lost, so your team can move contacts out of your pipeline and better prioritize which prospects to focus on. Doodle is here to help your team reduce scheduling friction and create a smoother sales process from qual-call to close. Trust us, we use it ourselves.

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