What is a group meeting?

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Bobby Rae

Bobby Rae

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

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What is a group meeting?

Group meetings can be lots of different things to different people. It could be a chance for you to get your friends together for a BBQ or baby shower. It might be a gathering of colleagues looking to discuss a project or a lecturer providing feedback to students. 

Meetings are more commonly associated with business and even here they can still be held for lots of different reasons. The board of your company might come together to make important decisions, your customer success team might want to brainstorm new ideas to improve client relations or your data team might have important research to share. 

Inevitably, these meetings are about colleagues coming together to discuss issues and push the business forward to its goals. 

Successful group meetings should be productive with decisions getting made, action points created and a sense of satisfaction felt by everyone involved.

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How to have a successful group meeting

You should start by thinking about the purpose of the meeting. Why are you getting people together? From here, create an agenda to list the things you want to cover. You should start with the most important things to make sure they definitely get covered. After this, add items in decreasing order of importance. 

Once you know what needs to be covered. Speak to anyone who can cover a particular point. Make sure they understand what you want and how their participation can move things forward. 

Always aim to start your meeting on time. If you have a lot to cover, starting late could mean something important gets missed. Sometimes it’s a good idea to arrange a little time before the meeting needs to start to let people socialize before you need to start.

If you aren’t chairing the meeting, ensure the person who is keeps everything to time, covers crucial points and gives everyone a chance to share their views. 

Some meetings require a quorum. This is where a minimum number of members must be present for the meeting to take place. If you need to have a quorum, make sure this is taken at the start. 

As the meeting is wrapping up, consider any action points that need to take place. Sometimes it’s not always possible to make every decision in the meeting, these follow-ups can help the group make a decision as soon as they are able. 

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How do you schedule a group meeting? 

Whether it’s work or play, getting a group of people together isn’t easy. That’s where Doodle can help.

Using Group Poll all you have to do is select a range of times you’re free and send it to your participants. They’ll decide what works for them and within minutes you’ll have a time to meet. 

Doodle Professional also lets you add your own branding to meeting invites - great if you’re scheduling meetings for work. It also lets you get rid of ads and set deadlines for people to respond.

If you’re meeting virtually as much as in person, you can add your favorite video conferencing tool and automatically add links to any invites you send.

Doodle makes it easy for you to hold group meetings whether it’s for three or 3000. No email back and forth, just more free time for you to focus on more important things. Try it for free today.

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