The many benefits of Doodle Premium’s group calendar option

The free version of Doodle has many benefits. For instance, you can create a user account so that your name and email address are always saved for when you create surveys in the future. Doodle’s mobile app is free as is creating a MeetMe page where colleagues and partners can access your business and social networks as well as send invitations for meetings and appointment scheduling. The greater added benefit, however, comes with a small annual fee for a Doodle Premium membership.

See your individual and group calendar online in the same place

Coordinating dates can be a hassle, and even more so if you have multiple group calendars to juggle. If you upgrade to Doodle Premium, you can see your calendar to the left of the group calendar in which you can suggest dates for the Doodle meeting scheduler (see the screenshot below).

View of your calendar with Doodle’s premium account membership

You are automatically reminded of bank holidays, weekends, holidays and previous engagements you’ve already entered into your calendar. (And you can sync your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, iCal or other types iva ICS leads.)

Select dates to suggest in the online group calendar

Once you’ve created the name for the event (location and description are optional), you can now select potential dates to meet in the group calendar. An example of this can be seen in the screenshot below, where you can click on a time slot and the name of the event (in this case “Test”) appears as an option for the participants to select. Today’s date column is highlighted in light yellow.

View of your calendar with Doodle’s premium account membership when selecting dates

Overview of your schedule with a free online group calendar

The group calendar integration is included when you upgrade to Premium. So if you already have an online group calendar that is free (such as Google Calendar), then you’re ready to integrate that with Doodle’s scheduling software. Once you’ve emailed the link to the poll, or have sent it via Doodle’s built-in invitation sender, you can see an overview of all those who have entered their available time slots into the poll. You can comment on it and sync proposed dates or final dates to your personal calendar(s) by selecting the dropdown box below the schedule. With just a few clicks, you can easily manage meetings and appointments thanks to Doodle’s group calendar functionality.

View of your calendar with Doodle’s premium account membership after participants have selected dates

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