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Teamwork is vital to the rapid completion of projects in an organization. Team collaborations usually involve numerous meetings where members can share ideas, delegate tasks and provide project updates. 

Setting up these meetings the traditional way can be a hassle. This is because everyone has to meet at the same time, which some team members' schedules won’t allow.

To quickly reach a time consensus, a meeting host can use survey-making software to determine when everyone will be available for an appointment. The survey maker will reduce project delays, increase productivity and enhance team collaboration. Doodle, one of the world’s favorite scheduling tools, offers this survey-making feature which can potentially increase your revenue and capacity to handle more projects.

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Survey team members with Group Polls

Hosting meetings with everyone on your team can be challenging because they all have their own work to do. However, Doodle simplifies the process with Group Polls. You can send a Group Poll to all your team members so they indicate the date and time they’re available to meet. 

Use the poll results to select a time and communicate it to your team. Notice how there were no unnecessary messages back and forth? That’s how much hassle a scheduling tool for teams can save you from.

Group Polls are easy to set up, but you need a Doodle account to create one, but that’s easy.

Login and you’ll land your dashboard. Click “Create” and then “Group Poll”. Pick a meeting name, description and several time slot options, so your team members can choose the ones they prefer. Send the poll to them once created and wait for their response.

This scheduling software feature boosts workplace productivity by saving people’s time. Team members just have to respond to the poll with the time that works for them instead of sending messages or hopping on phone calls.

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Appointment scheduling made easy

With appointment scheduling software like Doodle, you can fix meetings with your team members on short notice. 

As a project manager, if you want to discuss a new direction for an ongoing project with all your team, you can arrange a meeting that same day. This applies if your team works in close proximity, remotely or across different time zones. 

Set up a Group Poll, send it to your entire team and direct them to treat it as urgent. Their responses will indicate when you should schedule the meeting. Survey-making makes team management more efficient and easy to handle. 

Doodle is the ideal scheduling tool for teams because it is user-friendly and has many features that enhance workplace collaboration. You can create a Booking Page with the online scheduler to send to clients, coworkers and team members so they can choose when to meet with you from your list of available time slots.

This saves time and effort and reduces the number of messages all parties must send to arrange an appointment. Survey-making and online scheduling benefits both large team meetings and one-on-one conversations.

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Video conferencing and productivity tools integration

You can integrate video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom with Doodle’s scheduling software, making it more convenient to host virtual meetings. 

While setting up your Booking Page, select your preferred video conferencing platform and you can automatically create a link for people to join your meeting.

Doodle’s calendar integration lets you add multiple online calendars to your account. This will sync all your upcoming events to one platform so you never miss an appointment. It also stops you from being overbooked and being forced to postpone some meetings. 

Using a calendar scheduling tool to keep your events organized makes you a reliable team member because you will always attend scheduled appointments.

Doodle also supports integration with productivity platforms like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 365 and Zapier. This feature contributes to faster workflows and better team collaboration. 

You can also use Doodle’s scheduling app on Android and Apple devices to manage your schedule from any location. 

Make a survey on the app by creating a Group Poll from the “+” icon at the top right of your smartphone screen. The Doodle app will let you add a title, description, location, video conferencing platform, available time slots and other vital details to the Group Poll. 

Share the Poll with your team members and use the survey results to fix an appointment. 

You can also set up your team or one-on-one meetings from the scheduling app using Booking Page or Doodle’s 1:1 tools. The Doodle mobile app has all the features and options as the web-based version of the software, so you would get the same benefits either way.

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