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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

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A Doodle User Experience Study

Executive Assistant Sarah told us how she uses Doodle to manage multiple executive's calendars and schedule as many as ten internal and external meetings a week - all without breaking a sweat!

Say goodbye to pointless email back and forth

Scheduling meetings in an academic setting is complicated, particularly when those meetings pull together internal and external stakeholders or invitees across the university’s research and management sides. By using Doodle to negotiate a large number of competing calendars, Sarah avoids time-consuming meeting admin - to the tune of two days a month in saved time!


Lock down your C-Suite’s schedules, easily

Sarah’s unofficial role-title is quote unquote ‘super-temp’, and it’s as demanding as it sounds. She’s a floating executive assistant, booking meetings for the University’s COO one day and providing support to the VP the next. Despite this stressful schedule, when it comes to meetings, nothing slips through the cracks. Sarah uses Doodle to manage meetings across all these calendars, and she couldn’t be happier with the results. No matter how many people are attending each meeting, Sarah can find a time that suits everyone in moments. With the introduction of Doodle’s appointment scheduling assistant Booking Page, Sarah has the ability to set up multiple online calendars with which guests can book appointments directly into her executive’s calendars.


“The meetings that I schedule can be anything from VPs throughout the university, assistant VP, other directors COOs, CFOs, CTOs, chief executives throughout different departments.”

Execute complex projects with ease, thanks to support from Doodle

When Sarah had to organize a leadership retreat for hundreds of high-level executives and academic staff at the University, she turned to Doodle. Pinning down a time that worked for everyone was a painless, not to mention speedy, process, and she was soon able to advance to the next stages of project planning.

Ready to get started?

Use cases: Events, executive scheduling, team meetings, one-on-ones, appointments, multiple calendars

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