The 2019 Doodle Year in Review

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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Image 2019 year in the review

We introduced you to Doodle 1:1…

We love meetings. But we also know that not every issue, question, or project is best resolved with a full team meeting. Whether you’re checking in with direct reports, undertaking a performance review, or chatting with prospective new hires, sometimes a simple one-on-one is all you need. You’ve streamlined your meeting’s size; we’ve streamlined its scheduling. Believe it or not, a Doodle 1:1 session takes even less time to organize than a Doodle poll. Simply send a list of acceptable time slots to your invitee. Once they choose a slot, its booked to both your calendars automatically. You can even schedule multiple 1:1s with one simple invitation. One on one? Done and done!

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…and to Bookable Calendar!

It’s no use saying “My door is always open”. If you really want to cultivate a communicative, collaborative corporate culture, try saying “My calendar is open”, instead. Doodle’s Bookable Calendar is a unique calendar page that gives you full control over your appointment bookings. Customize your calendar, marking out workday limits, prior commitments, and personal time. Then, share the link with anyone who wants to meet with you. They’ll be able to book one of your nominated timeslots without any email back and forth. Appointment scheduling has never been so intuitive.

We worked even harder to safeguard your security.

Juggling passwords and login information for the multiple apps and services you use over the course of your workday isn’t just a pain. It’s a serious security risk. That’s where Single Sign-On, or SSO, comes in. SSO  is a secure, web-based, authentication mechanism. It shares identities between organizations and applications and can eliminate the need for individuals to remember separate login information for each of the apps and services they use on a daily basis. Instead, when users log into their company’s enterprise environment they are automatically logged in to any app within the company’s tech stack that the IT administrator has provided them access to. It’s a much easier, and safer, way to manage all your login information. We’re pleased to say that Doodle now offers SSO security to all our Enterprise clients.

We integrated with Zapier.

It’s safe to say that here at Doodle, we tend to geek out over tools and platforms that boost productivity and streamline organizations. Zapier is one such product. It’s a nifty tool that automates your online workflows and cuts down on virtual clutter. Thanks to our hard-working engineers, and Zapier, you can now integrate Doodle into your daily workflow seamlessly by automating all kinds of time-consuming tasks, with zero coding required. Set up any number of our integrations today to boost your productivity, cut out the annoying busywork, and start working smarter, not harder!

We gave you the right to vote!

Ever heard of AMP? It’s an open-source project that aims to make web pages load quicker.  AMP for Email is Gmail’s project to bring AMP to email, meaning your emails will no longer be static blocks of HTML just sitting in your inbox. Cool, right? We thought so, too. That’s why we’ve just adapted this awesome feature for Doodle. Now when you send meeting invitations to your participants, they’ll receive one using AMP4Email technology, which allows us to provide more engaging, interactive experiences. As ever, your email invite will have all your proposed time options for your Doodle poll. Now, it will also be updated automatically when others take part. You’ll see the votes coming in in real time, and you won’t have to open the poll in your browser to check the status. On top of that, your invitees can vote on the options that best suit their schedules right from their inbox. 

We took a bite from the Big Apple…and said “Hey, y’all!” to Atlanta.

We already had offices in Zurich, Berlin, and Belgrade. But 2019 saw Doodle expanding into the states, with sales teams established in New York, and Atlanta!

We picked up the Slack.

You’ve long been able to schedule your Doodle meetings in Slack, but this year we made it even easier to fix a meeting time without ever leaving the team chat. We’ve just added our Doodle-bot to our suite of in-Slack features. The Doodle bot allows you to create Doodle polls without leaving your Slack workspace in Slack automatically. Once your poll is closed, you can share it via direct message, post it in any channel, or invite guests via email. We recently added free text poll creation and smart suggestions based on your availability.

And all our hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed…

In fact, G2 has just named Doodle the top-performing online appointment management tool, based on hundreds of positive consumer reviews. That’s our cue to pop the champagne and celebrate the year that was! Here’s to having even better meetings in 2020.

Thanks for making Doodle the best-ranking meeting scheduling tool in 2019. See you all next year!

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