Vote from your inbox with Doodle’s new AMP4Groups technology

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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

how Doodle's AMP4Groups works

AMP is an open-source project (and library) that aims to make web pages that load quickly for users. Chances are you already have seen it in action you just didn’t know it, considering that more than 25 million domains already employ this technology. 

AMP for Email is Gmail’s project to bring AMP to email. This means that your emails will no longer be static blocks of HTML that get moldy in your inbox.  

We just added this awesome feature to do our core Doodle product. So now when you send meeting invitations to your participants they’ll receive one using AMP4Email technology.* This allows us to provide more engaging, interactive experiences. 

The email invitation will have all of your proposed time options for your Doodle poll, and it will be updated automatically when others take part. You’ll see the number of votes for each option as they occur. You won’t have to open the poll in your browser to check the status. On top of that, your participants can vote on the options that best suit their schedules right from their inbox.


This is how your emails will look for your guests. Vote from your inbox!

*For the moment this works with Doodle Group polls, and when your participants use Gmail as their email client.

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