Doodle 1:1: The simple solution for one-to-one meetings

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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

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Today, Doodle is proud to announce the newest business tool in our family: Doodle 1:1! Doodle has always been one of the best ways to schedule meetings with groups, and now we’re introducing the ultimate solution to set up one-on-one meetings. Book a meeting to your calendar in two steps!

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We compiled the suggestions and feedback from our beta launch to bring you loads of great new features, as well as Gmail’s new dynamic email technology.

So what’s new and how does it work?  

Keep it simple with Doodle 1:1

We are excited to announce that great new features are now available on Doodle 1:1. When you click the three dots on any invite in your dashboard you’ll see the options to edit, archive, and duplicate it. These were the top features requested by our many beta users.

With the duplicate feature, you can send out the same invitation to multiple people. Now you can book a series of 1-on-1 meetings with different people, whether they’re clients, colleagues, or students. If someone chooses a time from your invitation we simply won’t show it to the remaining invitees. We handle the scheduling so you can go on with your day.

We’re also excited to announce a new flexible calendar interface called Click2Create. When setting up an invitation you can click anywhere in your calendar to create a time slot. Choose multiple durations and be sure to offer a few options to make sure your guests can attend the meeting.

Save time with dynamic emails

We certainly saved the best for last: Doodle 1:1 now uses Gmail’s new AMP for Email technology. You can read more on the technical details here, but in short your invitees can choose a time to meet directly from your email invitation. No need to follow a link to the website in order to participate! Email invitations are completely dynamic and automatically update with new information. If one of your time slots has already been chosen, it won’t be shown in your email invite. No more boring static emails, how cool is that? Gmail started the AMP rollout on March 26, everyone should have it within two weeks of that date.

With Doodle Premium we offer you a full set of tools to handle organizing any event or meeting. With Doodle, you spend less time scheduling and more time doing. Start your free trial today.

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