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Updated: Jun 22, 2023

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Doodle can save your business over $9,000 per employee per year

Doodle offers simple, intuitive solutions for scheduling every kind of meeting in your calendar. But Doodle doesn’t just offer ease. By streamlining meeting admin and enabling collaboration, Doodle also saves time and money. Using real data from satisfied Doodle customers, we’ve calculated how much you might stand to save by using Doodle – and the figures might surprise you.

Meetings are blowing your budget

In our 2019 State of Meetings Report, we placed the cost of poorly organized and managed meetings at $41 billion each year in the US alone. The report also found that without Doodle the average meeting takes 30 minutes to organize. A staff member with a college degree who earns the average hourly wage of $35 and organizes 6 meetings a week therefore spends three hours a week - and 156 hours a year - organizing meetings.

That’s 156 hours, not to mention $5,460 in wages, which could be more productively spent elsewhere. How many meetings does your team have, simply because they’re in the calendar? When meeting admin is time-consuming and unwieldy, workplaces end up having more meetings than they need. How many meetings do you attend per week where your presence just isn’t that necessary? Without flexible scheduling options or a dedicated one-to-one scheduling tool, many meeting admins invite everyone on the team to attend, whether they need to be there or not. How many additional meetings do you have to have because the first wasn’t successful? It’s too often that essential persons might miss that important meeting, and then it has to be rescheduled, costing the organizer even more valuable time.

Streamlining your scheduling workflows with Doodle saves you time and money, and frees your team to do the work that really matters

We found that the average worker spends 2 hours a week in pointless meetings. That’s 104 hours per year that could be spent doing real work that produces tangible results. Poorly organized or pointless meetings are a drain on your time and money, can impact client relationships, and pose a threat to workplace productivity.

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Doodle users save time and money

We’ve run the numbers, and Doodle customers are saving time and money. What’s more, the more you use Doodle, the more you save. And if your team has lots of meetings, you could stand to save a lot! The typical workplace could save $5,460 and 156 hours per employee over the course of one year, simply by making the most of their Doodle subscription.

Doodle is more than just efficient scheduling. It improves collaboration across teams. Improved collaboration means fewer pointless meetings and even more costs saved. Reclaiming the 104 hours per year that employees spend in pointless meetings adds up to $3,640 in wages.

That is a non-trivial cost savings for any organization - and it doesn’t factor in the flow-on financial benefits of optimized meeting organization. Doodle helps your business do more business! By giving you the tools to schedule meetings efficiently, intelligently, and flexibly, we help you clinch deals, win new clients, close projects, and get the right people in the room - on time, every time!

Ready to get started?

Curious to learn more? We’ll break it down by Doodle feature, to show you exactly what we mean.

Scheduling group meetings

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: organizing a group meeting the old-fashioned way requires an average of 30 emails and costs your meeting admin - at the very least - 30 mins of time. Doodle Groups saves you from the time-consuming email back and forth. Here’s how it works: First, you send out your meeting invitation with a range of potential times for your meeting to your guests. They choose the times that best fit their schedules. You then select the option that suits everyone, and the event is booked to everyone’s calendars. From 30 emails to 3 steps.

Scheduling one-one-one meetings

Whether you’re meeting with a direct report for a quick debrief, or you need to run something by a client, one-on-one meetings should be quick and easy to organize. So, why do they so often take just as long to get in your diary as a regular meeting?

At Doodle, we think collaborating one-on-one should be simple and speedy. That’s why we came up with Doodle 1:1 - the quickest way for two people to meet. Make a few time slots available through the 1:1 tool and invite your guest to pick on that works for them. As soon as they select a time slot, it’s booked into both your calendars. Done!

Scheduling Appointments: Booking Page

Is your inbox full of meeting invitations? Is your calendar a free-for-all, where colleagues jump in and select meeting slots that, while technically available, don’t really work for you? Then you need Doodle’s Booking Page. A first-come, first-served open block for appointments lets guests see and respond to your changing availability, without you having to constantly update them.

Schedule with anyone inside or outside of your organization

Does this sound familiar? Your internal meetings come together quickly, but any time you have to set up a face-to-face with prospective partners or external stakeholders, you’re suddenly back to the dark ages of meeting organization. And all because you don’t have access to each other’s calendars! Anyone invited to your Doodle poll can respond regardless of their choice of calendar. If your meeting invitees have their own Doodle subscription, the meeting will automatically sync to their calendar.

Set meeting deadlines for quick responses

What’s the worst case scenario for meeting scheduling? When it takes so long to set up a meeting that the meeting falls through. Partnerships are lost, projects flounder, and deals don’t get off the ground. Doodle’s deadline feature ensures your meeting happens in a timely manner. Simply set a response deadline when you send out a poll invite. All your participants will be reminded to respond by the poll’s closing date. And you’ll never have to miss a key meeting again.


The more meetings you have, the more you save

As your business grows, so do your meeting needs. That’s why Doodle grows with you. Our team plans make it easy to add new Doodle users as your team expands. And our products are equally effective whether you’re a team of 10 or 10,000. Best of all, your savings scale right along with you.

Download the full article to read how other Doodle customers use our scheduler to save time and money.

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