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Calendar sharing is easy with Doodle

We all know how hard it can sometimes be to keep track of our schedules in any given week: from work functions to social events to personal holidays and appointments, it's easy to lose track of where we're supposed to be and what we have already arranged to do. That’s why there’s Doodle, the most popular free poll tool.

No credit card required

With Doodle, you can send out a quick poll to friends or colleagues to find out the best time for everyone to meet. Now, you can add your online calendar (be it a Google, Microsoft 365, Outlook or any other calendar that can be shared via an ICS Feed) to your Doodle account. This means that when you're creating a poll or taking part in one for someone else, you can view it in calendar format - instantly seeing when you are and aren't available. No more switching back and forth between tools.

Connect your shared calendar to Doodle

When you start your own meeting invitation, the first step will ask for the name of the meeting, the location and any notes you like.

During the second step, you add the time options you'd like to have for your meeting. Make sure to add a few options so your guests can find the best time. If you’ve connected your calendar with Doodle, you can see any scheduling conflicts, so you’ll never double-book yourself!

Connecting your calendar to Doodle is the best way to manage your schedule and your work.

Week/Month View

Click the week view during step two to see how your calendar looks as you create your Doodle poll. You'll see all your existing appointments next to the proposed meeting times, just in a lighter color, so you know not to double-book.

During the setup of your meeting invitation, you'll find the important settings. For example, enable yes, no or if-need-be, limit options or make the poll hidden. Here you can also see several Doodle Professional features such as poll deadlines and additional information requests. Professional accounts are also totally ad-free for you and your invitees.

Add your name for step four and send the Doodle to your guests. They'll pick their dates and in seconds you’ve found the best time for your meeting.

Start using Doodle today and experience the benefits of a connected calendar.

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