How to create an appointment type on Acuity Scheduling

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Updated: Aug 24, 2023

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Step one: Add a scheduling block

When you’re building your page, click “Add Block” then “Scheduling”.

Open the block editor by clicking the pencil, then use the drop-down to select the calendar you want to connect. 

Click “Apply.” 

This will now allow people to book time with you directly on your website. 

Set up a free account and start scheduling in minutes

Step two: Sharing a link to your page

If you want to share your schedule with people easily you can include a link in emails or text messages to let people book a meeting. 

Under the “Direct links and embedding” section click “Direct link.” 

Use the drop-down to select which calendar or scheduler you want a link for. 

Copy the link and you can now share it with those you want to. 

Step three: Creating appointment-type categories

If you want to organize the different types of meetings you have, you can create categories to make them easier to find. 

On your website dashboard, click “Appointment types.” Scroll down to an appointment type, then click “Edit.”

Under Category, click “Create a new category.” Decide what you want to call it and then click “Save.”

Click “Update appointment type.”

If you’re looking for a simple, but powerful scheduling software that makes it easy to meet with people in minutes why not try Doodle? It lets you plan meetings with anyone quickly and completely free. 

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