How to create a Sign-up Sheet (alpha version)

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Sign-up sheets

Here's a guide to set up your Sign-up Sheet in the Alpha version of the feature:

Step one: Access the Alpha version

You can access the alpha version of Sign-up Sheets through this link - ​​ . Sign-up Sheets cannot be accessed within the Doodle product in the Alpha. You will not find it under the event types when you click on ‘Create a Doodle’. 

We recommend you bookmark this link (during the Alpha) so you can access the feature as needed.

Step two: Create a new Sign-up Sheet

After you click on the email link ‘Create your Sign-up Sheet’ you will be prompted to log in to your Doodle account. You can give your Sign-up Sheet a name and a description that accurately represents the events or activities you're organizing. 

Sign-up Sheets lets you organize a series of online or in-person events. These can involve groups or 1-1 sessions. Sessions represent the different time slots or parts of your event. These can each have an individual location and description. Your default video conferencing and calendar provider (from your Account Settings) will be enabled for the Sign-up Sheet. 

Add one or more sessions to your Sign-up Sheet, each with customizable seating. 

Click on “Create a Sign-up Sheet” when done.

Step three: Review, Copy the link and Share

You can review your event sessions on the next page. Once you are satisfied, you are ready to share the Sheet with your participant.   

To share the link, simply click on “Copy link” on the top right corner of this page. In the Alpha, this is the only way to share a Sign-up Sheet with a participant. You can either add this link to an email, instant message, text or however you want to invite your participant. 

Note: Your guests will need to log in to Doodle to sign-up for a session. 

Once your Sheet is successfully created, you will receive an email notification. You can use that email to access/review the Sheet. Additionally, you can review the participant list per session with details (like name, email) by clicking on the number of sign-ups per session.  Your participants will also receive an email and calendar invite once they sign-up for a session.



We hope this guide helps you set up your first Sign-up Sheet in the alpha version of the feature. Remember, the alpha version is in its early stages, and we appreciate any feedback you have to help us improve the feature. Email your feedback to us directly [email protected].