How to create a Sign-up Sheet

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Purnima Kumar

Purnima Kumar

Updated: Apr 15, 2024

Sign-up sheets

👋 Welcome to Doodle Sign-up Sheets!

Organizing an event, whether it's a small team meeting or a large-scale workshop, can be a logistical nightmare. Good news: Doodle’s Sign-up Sheets are here to help!

How do Sign-up Sheets work?

As the Sign-up Sheet organizer, you select the exact days, times, and maximum enrollment for each session you are organizing. Share your Sign-up Sheet link and invite participants to choose which session or sessions they will attend. Doodle will send everyone all the information they need to arrive on time and at the right place.

What does Sign-up Sheets solve?

Step one: Access the Beta version

You can access the alpha version of Sign-up Sheets directly from your new Dashboard (also in Beta). You will find it under the event types when you click on ‘Create a Doodle’. 

Step two: Set the event details

Sign-up Sheets lets you organize a series of online or in-person events.

  1. Title the sign-up sheet and summarize the event.

  2. Write a brief Description of what will be discussed in the meeting. The description will be included in the calendar invite.

  3. Add a Location or host your meetings virtually by enabling Video Conferencing

When you connect your calendar to your Doodle account and engage it with your sign-up sheet, your participants will receive a calendar invite.

Learn all about connecting your calendar by watching this quick video or reading this article

Sign-up Sheets can involve groups or 1-1 sessions. Sessions represent the different time slots or parts of your event.

Set the session details

  1. Set the date, start time, and duration for the session

  2. Provide a description, location, and maximum number of seats available for the session

  3. Repeat steps #1 and #2 for any additional sessions you are organizing

When you connect your calendar and a video conferencing app to your Doodle account and engage both with your sign-up sheet, your participants will receive a unique video conferencing link for each session they enroll in.

Learn all about connecting your video conferencing applications by watching this quick video

Click on “Create a Sign-up Sheet” when done.

Step three: Review, Copy the link and Share

You can review your event sessions on the next page. Double-check that you are happy with your selections. If you need to edit your sign-up sheet, click 'Edit' and refine your sign-up sheet before you send it. Once you are satisfied, you are ready to share the Sheet with your participant.   

To share the link, simply click on “Copy link” on the top right corner of this page. You can send the sign-up sheet invitation directly to the participants from Doodle, or you can copy the invitation link and send it from your own email, Slack, WhatsApp, and more!

Note: Your guests do not need to log in to Doodle to sign-up for a session. 

Once your Sheet is successfully created, you will receive an email notification. You can use that email to access/review the Sheet. Additionally, you can review the participant list per session with details (like name, email) by clicking on the number of sign-ups per session.  Your participants will also receive an email and calendar invite once they sign-up for a session.

Common Articles


Clearly define the purpose of the Sign-up Sheet and provide enough information about the event or activity to engage your guests.

When you share the link, provide clear instructions on how to sign-up and what guests can expect.


Do not complicate your Sign-up Sheet with long descriptions.

Do not forget to copy and share the link with your participants. Communicate important information related to sign-up and deadlines in your emails/messages.

Do not forget to try out your Sign-up Sheet before sharing it with your guests.

We hope this guide helps you set up your first Sign-up Sheet in the beta version of the feature.

Remember, the beta version is in its early stages, and we appreciate any feedback you have to help us improve the feature. Email your feedback to us directly [email protected].

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