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Organizing an availability survey, just using email, can be a complex and frustrating task, with pointless back-and-forth messages. 

Thankfully, cutting-edge meeting scheduling tools now offer a user-friendly solution that delivers simple, efficient appointment planning. Designed for versatility, Doodle accomplishes many organizational tasks that help coordinate scheduling and prompt better flow through the sales funnel.

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Sales Process

Doodle’s compatibility with other applications ensures straightforward and seamless sales communication. It can be synced with popular browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera while communicating with platforms such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Exchange, Google Meet, Google Calendar and Zoom.

Customizable scheduling solutions extend to Doodle’s particularly useful feature, Booking Page, where sales staff can email clients with a link to their calendars. This enables staff to offer time preference collections, which the client or prospect can choose accordingly. With responsibility for their own choices, the client feels relaxed and in control of the process, as well as benefiting from its simplicity.

Booking Page is also a useful tool when the sale has progressed, it can be advantageous to offer the client a follow-up meeting in the short term, which contains a limited number of appointment times. This often creates a psychological advantage where the customer is encouraged to engage in a healthy atmosphere of urgency to progress the sale forward. When sales meetings are carefully scheduled the increased efficiency enables sales consultants to meet more prospects and make reliable follow-ups. In this way, prospective clients feel engaged and are much more likely to close the deal.

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Staff Evaluation

Doodle is an equally advantageous tool in staff evaluation for start-ups right through to larger corporations. However, time constraints are an ever-present bugbear, which makes it hard for staff to commit to evaluation meetings. The problem is compounded for someone like an entrepreneur, who has 1001 things on his ‘to-do list’ to progress his launch.

Thankfully, the solution is in the form of a selection of Doodle polls, which can be sent to staff offering timed appointments, but set suitably in the future, so that staff are better able to keep to them.

Doodle has the flexibility to synchronize with most calendar applications, whether phone or desktop-based. The resulting straightforward communication makes creating and keeping appointments much more reliable. Errors, generated in swapping between different applications are eliminated.

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Human resources

By nature, recruitment is a subjective process that requires considerable human input to be effective. Typically, a range of parties are involved at each step of the recruitment cycle and consequently, each person’s input is an important component of the overall decision.

In the onboarding process candidates are initially interviewed and screened for internal approval. Subsequently, they are evaluated for external approval where they need to be signed off by the board. Keeping abreast of the progressive steps in the recruitment process ensures accuracy and continuity for all parties involved.

Doodle’s 1:1 is an ideal tool to manage each round of the recruitment process. The recruiter simply offers a selection of timeslots that the interviewee can choose from. Once the appointment is booked, it’s no longer visible - preventing any awkward double booking.

Connecting large and small teams in businesses and organizations

Doodle has been designed with versatility at the heart of its operation. It takes the frustration and complication out of appointment making and its wide-ranging compatibility enables users to sync their own scheduling software quickly and easily with it.

Doodle’s overall aim is to not only smooth workflows but to hasten its pace as well with efficient appointment planning. It has several customizable scheduling solutions, which can have the versatility to adapt to both group meetings and one-to-one appointments. The reminder feature, when set up automatically, will keep prompting invitees to commit to a booking.

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