Organise your life whilst on the move with Doodle’s scheduling app

When it comes to creating schedules, arranging meetings and organising events, Doodle’s web based tool suite and feature set is second to none. However, one of the more useful aspects of online scheduling is the ability to check your appointments and reply to requests while on the move. Whether you are out of the office, travelling by train to an important meeting or simply enjoying a coffee in a nearby café, Doodle are pleased to offer users an appointment scheduling app that integrates with your smart phone or tablet and your online Doodle.

Free scheduling app from Doodle

Free scheduling app with Doodle Mobile

Doodle offer two options for scheduling whilst on the go and, depending on your preference, you should choose the option most suited to your scheduling app needs. Firstly, users already familiar with the Doodle online scheduler can take advantage of the mobile version of the same site on their smartphone or tablet. The free free online scheduling app works in much the same way as our standard scheduler just on a smaller screen – providing the same great features in the palm of your hand.
Free scheduling app from Doodle

Dedicated smartphone scheduling app for even greater control

In addition to the mobile version of the site, Doodle have created a dedicated app suitable for both iPhone and Android smartphones or tablets. Providing much greater control and the option to integrate calendars and address books into a comprehensive mobile dashboard, Doodle’s dedicated scheduling app is the most powerful way to stay organised whilst on the move.
Free scheduling app from Doodle

Sign up to Doodle Premium for an even better scheduler app

Doodle Premium offer users a wealth of extra features that make using the appointment scheduling app even more rewarding. Including ad-free apps for scheduling, end-to-end SSL encryption, custom subdomains and comprehensive user management for up to 1000 users, Doodle Premium is the choice of the professional. Business users can even include custom design and branding to completely integrate Doodle with the respective company. What’s more, customers wishing to try Doodle Premium before they begin a subscription can do so completely free of charge for the first 30 days. Why not give it a try today!

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