Doodle – an easy online booking system

Doodle is an online booking system where you can quickly and without hassle arrange a time to meet colleagues and friends. In simple steps, with this booking system you can create a poll online and send messages out to those invited to the event, asking them to enter in the days and times that they are available to meet. The table provided by Doodle does away with the complicated and opaque threads and messages that were used to arrange events in the past. Doodle will clearly and succinctly show each participant the possible times to meet. When each invitee has entered their availability, the best meet-up time will be generated and sent to the person that initially created the poll.

How the booking system works

If you are looking for a time in which you and your colleagues, or perhaps your peers and fellow students, can all meet, Doodle can help you do this. This booking system will lead you through the process step-by-step in creating your own poll, ensuring that there is minimum fuss and little chance of you losing your way.

The first thing you need to do when embarking upon scheduling an event is enter in the principal details. This includes the title, the location and your name and email address. There is also the option to add a description.

Enter the event details

After you have done this, you will progress to the Time Proposals stage. Here you can enter into the online booking system the possible days and the times at which you could potentially meet.

Enter the possible dates for the event
Enter the possible times for the event

Once you have selected these, you will be given the option of implementing additional settings. For instance, you can give your invitees the chance to select ‘Ifneedbe’ when they evaluate their availability for each slot. Additionally you can limit your invitees so they are only able to select the one slot. This is handy if you are a teacher or professor using Doodle to help your students book individual appointments with you. If you require none of these features, you can simply progress to creating a basic poll.

Select a basic poll or additional settings

Your poll will now be ready and all you need do is send out the invitations and ask the participants when they are free. Unlike some other booking systems, you can connect Doodle with your email account and upload your contacts so to make it as easy as possible to invite people to take part in your poll. For bigger events with a large number of participants, you can alternatively send out invitations via Facebook or Twitter.

Send out the invitations to your event

Unlike many other online booking systems, via Google Maps, Doodle will automatically generate directions to your meeting location. This way your colleagues, peers or friends will know where to find the event and you will be able to commence promptly.

The easiest online booking system

Doodle is called ‘doodle’ because the word sounds fun and relaxed, and that is always how we want to appear to our customers. In fact, we like to think of ourselves as one of the most fun and relaxed (if not the most fun and relaxed!) online booking system on the net. If you still have some unanswered questions don’t hesitate to check out our support centre. Next time it falls to you to organise an event and you require a date or booking system, then you need look no further than Doodle. Meeting up has never been so easy.

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