Set up your online booking system – a guide

With Doodle, you can quickly arrange a time to meet colleagues, clients, or friends. In just a few simple steps, you can create a poll online and send messages out to those invited to the event, asking them to enter in the days and times that they are available to meet. The table provided by Doodle does away with the endless email threads and messages that were used to arrange events in the past.

Create a Doodle poll

Set up your online booking system – step by step

Choose ‘create a Doodle’ at the top of the page to get started. You’ll be lead through the process step-by-step in creating your own poll, and in minutes you’ll have sorted out the best time for your meeting.

The first thing you need to do when embarking upon scheduling an event is enter in the principal details. This includes the title, the location and your name and email address. There is also the option to add a description.

poll creation step 1

After you have done this, you can add the prospective time slots for your meeting. It’s a good idea to add a few different options to give your participants a better chance of finding a time that fits everyone.

poll creation step 2

Once you have selected these, you will be given the option of implementing additional settings. For instance, you can give your invitees the chance to select ‘If-need-be’ when they evaluate their availability for each slot. Additionally, you can limit your invitees so they are only able to select the one slot. This is handy if you are a teacher or professor using Doodle to help your students book individual appointments with you. If you require none of these features, you can simply progress to creating a basic poll.

poll creation step 3

Your poll will now be ready and all you need do is send out the invitations and ask the participants when they are free.

Connect your calendar to our online booking system

It’s never been easier and faster to make your own poll. Doodle also allows you to sync your calendar with a Doodle account so that you can keep all your appointments managed at a glance and send out invitations for new polls in the future with less time and far less hassle.

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