The best ways to celebrate St Patrick's Day in Detriot

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St Patrick-s

The best ways to celebrate St Patrick's Dayin Detriot

St Patrick-s

Whip out your green attire, cook up some traditional Irish dishes and take on your inner Irish spirit. In honor of St Patrick's Day, Michiganders have many great ways to celebrate. You won't find a pot of gold or capture a leprechaun, but these events are sure to be a good time.

St Patrick's Day is a time of going all-out with celebrations in Detroit. The bars tend to take the lead and it's always a good idea to arrive early for the best vantage point.

Tidy up your schedule and plan your day for these events to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland — along with shamrocks and all things green.

Join the Detroit St. Paddy’s Day Parade

Detroit offers family-oriented St. Paddy’s Day entertainment – be sure to join in the fun. Dust off your green stockings and get ready for the fantastic events Detroit has in for us. The annual parade celebrating Irish culture is a “can’t-miss” and for many, the perfect excuse to get drunk - though do so responsibly.

Starting from Sixth Street and Michigan Avenue, the parade makes its way westward to 14th Street in Corktown. Enticing around 80,000 to 100,000 people on average, it’s one of the largest St. Patrick’s parades in the country.

The Detroit parade is one of the year’s highlights for people belonging to Michigan’s Irish community.

Find a time to get your friends together for the parade with Doodle.

Join your friends in a Detroit St Paddy’s Bar Crawl

Nothing can put you in the mood for Irish-style partying like pub crawling with your best friends.

Enjoy pints of green beer, dance along to your favorite tunes and make the most of the St Patrick's Day weekend. The Luck of the Irish Detroit St. Paddy’s Bar Crawl is for everyone to join.

If you're searching for the end of the rainbow, then look no further. Detroit pubs have some of the best parties. You can be part of what is widely considered one of the best St. Patty's Day parties in the USA at the Old Shillelagh in Detroit's Greektown, The Bar has been Detroit's best Irish pub since it opened in 1975 by a retired Detroit cop who grew up in Dublin, Ireland.

Enjoy daylong festivities

Detroit promises a huge celebration every year, so be prepared to have a day packed with fun. If you’re bringing the kids, think about going for the Family Fun Zone, where you can view the parade from grandstands in a reserved, family-friendly area.

You'll find many daylong activities like face painting and step dancing, as well as refreshments, such as water, coffee and hot chocolate. Family fun zone access is limited, so plan and don't forget to reserve your spot beforehand.

If you’re planning to hang out with your friends and make the most of St. Paddy's Da and night, you’ll have plenty of options. Hit the dance floor with loads of drinks, music and thrill to keep you partying at the O’Connor’s Public House.

Irish cocktail specials, green beer and themed food specials are so to be available to spice things up.

Party (square)
Join a St Patrick’s Day 5k run in Detroit

Help raise funds to Save a Heart while you engage in an adrenaline-packed walk/run with your friends and family.

The leading 5K race event in Michigan, the Corktown Races is among the most favorite for Michiganders looking to have a good time on St. Paddy's Day. This annual event is held before March 17th – be sure to check out the schedule beforehand.

The track moves through various parts of Corktown and for the special kids' race, everyone is a winner – literally – everyone wins a prize. Be sure to register early to get your spot confirmed.

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Learn about Irish culture and history

The local Irish community have strong cultural links to Ireland. You can brush up how that’s come about on St Patrick’s Day by visiting Irish cultural centers or grabbing a book for a read.

While you're at it, visit Harrison Township Public Library to read a few books by Irish authors and marvel at their ways with the written word.

Enjoy an Irish-themed dinner

What’s a celebration without a good, hearty meal? Enjoy your St Patrick’s Day festivities with delicious traditional Irish recipes, like beef stew, potato soup, braised greens, shepherd's pie and colcannon.

And listen, we get it – life’s busy and you may not have time to cook your favorite St. Patrick’s Day dishes. You can still visit some of the best St. Patrick Day themed café and restaurants, like Conor O’Neill’s Irish Pub & Restaurant for a traditional take on the day.

Throw a St Patrick’s Day party at home

Start preparing your favorite Celtic dishes, Irish decor and party ideas to throw an amazing St Patrick’s Day party for all your loved ones.

St. Patrick’s Day, the greenest and luckiest of the year, is so much fun to spend partying it up with your family and friends, even if you’re not Irish. Throwing a party can be an exciting way to celebrate the holiday.

And don’t worry about scheduling the whole day for you – Doodle is all you need to plan your day stress-free.

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