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If you've ever organized a meeting or event you’ll appreciate there are various challenges to overcome. Whether you’re a busy professional, event planner, freelancer, educator or group organizer, scheduling meetings and events can be a time-consuming process. That’s because you’ll often have to contend with time zone differences, conflicting schedules, lack of availability, communication difficulties and calendar management.

Fortunately, you can streamline your scheduling endeavors by using a specialist platform like Doodle. This allows you to seamlessly organize meetings and events by proposing multiple time slots for a meeting which can then be voted on by participants to determine the most suitable time. And that’s just scratching the surface of its capabilities.

So why exactly should you be using Doodle’s scheduling software platform? Let’s delve a bit deeper into its benefits and how it’ll help you free up time for more important activities.

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What does Doodle actually do?

Doodle is an online scheduling tool that allows users to easily arrange appointments, meetings and events with other people. It eliminates the need for endless email chains and phone calls, a process that can eat into productivity and detract from your core activities. 

For example, Doodle can be leveraged as survey scheduling software to enable feedback collection and scheduling across various verticals.

Think about Doodle as your very own personal assistant that’s always available to make your life easier. Users can create simple polls known as “Doodles”, which allow participants to indicate their availability for a proposed event or meeting time.

Here is a more detailed overview of what you can do with Doodle:

Create polls: Doodle enables users to create Group Polls with various options for dates and times, locations, durations and more. Users can add custom questions to gather additional information from participants.

Invite participants: Users can invite participants to the poll via email or share the link through various channels like WhatsApp, Slack or social media. Participants can indicate their availability for the meeting by selecting the options that work best for them.

Suggests the best option: Once all participants have responded, Doodle automatically suggests the best time slot that works for everyone, based on the responses collected.

Integrated survey and calendar tools: Doodle integrates with various calendar applications such as Google Calendar and Outlook. This allows users to easily schedule an event or meeting directly from Doodle.

Offers additional features: Doodle offers various additional features such as reminders, notifications and the ability to limit the number of participants per time slot.

Group survey scheduling: Doodle’s group survey scheduling tools simplify the process of finding a mutually convenient time for multiple people to meet or schedule an event.

Doodle enables you to save time and streamline coordination among participants, but what other benefits does it bring to the fold?

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What are the benefits of using Doodle?

Here are some useful ways Doodle can enhance your scheduling:

Time savings

Doodle eliminates back-and-forth emails by creating polls with potential meeting times and dates. Participants can select their preferred times and Doodle will automatically find the best time that works for everyone. This can save significant resources when compared with traditional methods of scheduling that conventionally include making phone calls and redundant scheduling.

Improved efficiency

Doodle can help you coordinate schedules with multiple people at once, something that’s especially valuable if participants are operating within different time zones. Doodle is particularly helpful if you’re looking to organize events with a large group of people who have busy schedules. With Doodle, everyone can see each other’s availability in one place, which can make it easier to determine a suitable time.

Increased productivity

As previously mentioned, by freeing up time Doodle enables you to focus on other important tasks. Additionally, it can help ensure that everyone shows up to meetings on time and prepared, which can help improve the overall productivity of your team or organization via a more streamlined process.

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Greater convenience

Doodle is an online tool that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, making it easy to schedule events from anywhere. Additionally, Doodle can be integrated with other calendar tools, such as Google Calendar, which can make it even easier to use.


Doodle offers a range of customizable scheduling solutions, like adding your company logo or branding to tailor the tool to your specific needs. Promoting an event with your bespoke information is a great way to spread awareness. You can also enjoy a range of other features, such as reminder emails that can be customized to suit your preferences and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Doodle simplifies the scheduling process, saves time and hassle and eliminates the need for infuriating rounds of communication. It’s easy to use, customizable and offers both free and paid options. Get started today.

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