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Moira North

Want to start scheduling but not sure where to start? Look no further than Doodle - the world’s favorite scheduling calendar. Using Booking Page, you simply need to fill out a few details and we’ll do the rest. Then all you have to do is send a link and people can arrange time with you - but only when you want to be available. Doodle is a great scheduling app for business or home.

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Automate your schedule with a Doodle template

Start by creating a Doodle account and connecting your calendar (our video above can show you how). Now you can create a Booking Page that will automate your schedule by allowing you to book time with people using nothing more than a link. What’s more, with your calendar connected, Booking Page will only allow people to book times that don’t conflict with events you already have. Changing your page is also easy. Just head to our scheduling website, log in and update details as you need to.

With a Doodle Professional account, you can create as many Booking Pages as you like. This is great if you want to manage different clients and allocate them distinct availability.

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It’s easy to meet with a large group too

Not only can you get people together with Booking Page, but Group Polls make it possible to find the best time for a lot of colleagues, friends and family to meet. It’s important we make time for each other, so if you want to plan a client lunch or get people together for a party, you can make a poll to find the best time for everyone. 

With the Doodle scheduling app, it’s even possible to involve anyone who lives overseas thanks to our Zoom integration

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So, how does Doodle make scheduling with a large group easy?

Start by heading to Doodle and clicking ‘create a Doodle’ at the top of the page. Make sure to be logged in so events already on your calendar can be considered.

Enter the name, location and any notes about the event you’d like people to know. Next, add the times you’re available. Be sure to include lots of options to give your participants a greater possibility of finding an appropriate time.

Lastly, tailor your poll to get the results you want. Choose yes, no or if need be, limit participant options or make the poll hidden. Hidden polls are great if you’d like to keep your participants anonymous. There are also several Doodle Professional options such as poll deadlines and additional information requests.

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