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We all want to be productive in the office, but it’s hard. Constant distractions, unnecessary meetings…the list goes on. With Doodle, you can optimize your scheduling to free up time to focus on the important things. 

Our scheduling app automates your calendar so you can ditch the email back and forth and only meet people when you want to. Doodle is one of the world’s favorite scheduling platforms because on average you can save up to 45 minutes. That’s time that can be spent with your friends or family.

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How does Doodle automatically optimize my schedule?

Firstly, you need to create a free Doodle account and connect it to your preferred digital calendar. Once that’s done, head to your dashboard and hit “Create a Doodle” in the top right. Select “Booking Page” and fill in the important details such as what the page is for, any description you want and if video conferencing is an option. 

In the next section, you’re going to select when you’re available for meetings. The Booking Page will default to Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm, but you can change this. This is also where you’ll find the power settings - an important section for scheduling online. Here you can decide how many meetings you want in a day, buffer times between them and the minimum notice you need. 

Double check you have the right calendar connected and Booking Page will only allow people to book times that don’t conflict with events you already have. There you have it - calendar optimized.

With a Doodle Professional account, you can create as many Booking Pages as you like. This is great if you want to manage different clients and allocate them distinct availability.

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You can schedule with large groups too

Not only will Doodle optimize work life, but you can easily arrange a get-together with a group - whether that’s 2 to 2000. To make a poll log in to your Doodle account and select “Group Poll”, fill in the details, select the times that suit you, and in a flash, you find something that works for everyone. Doodle really is a scheduling tool that makes group meetings easy.

What’s more, you can send reminders to make sure no one forgets when your meeting and, with your calendar connected, Doodle will automatically block out the time that’s picked. No more double bookings. You can use our scheduling app free of charge or upgrade to Doodle Professional for advanced features including unlimited Booking Pages, custom branding and no ads.

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You can use it for friends too!

Don’t just think of Doodle as your scheduling app for business. You can use it for friends and family too.

It’s important we make time for each other, so if you want to hold a regular catch-up, organize a baby shower for your bestie or get your cousins around for a BBQ, Doodle is the place to be. Simply make a quick poll, find a time and no one has an excuse not to attend.

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