Doodle meets Slack!

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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Doodle meets slack

Doodle Bot: Make great meetings happen, in Slack

Drum roll, please…We are excited to introduce the newest member of the Doodle family, the Doodle Bot! Doodle has always been the best way to schedule and coordinate meetings and now, we’re introducing the newest way to Doodle where work happens – Slack!

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As noted in our 2019 State of Meetings Report, “37% of professionals consider unnecessary meetings to be the biggest cost to their organization and 76% of professionals prefer face to face meetings to calls or video chats”. This means it’s more important than ever to make scheduling easier and more accessible. In the modern landscape, most workplace communication happens online and we’ve created a way to enable users to schedule meetings without wasting time.

Slack is the workplace messenger that allows quick and easy communication. The Doodle Bot in Slack now makes scheduling available in the place where people talk most about work.

We’re happy to launch yet another big product that’s sure to change the way you schedule. And believe us, there’s so much more to come. So after months of work, we’re finally ready to unveil the project that’s kept us so busy.

Our product manager Netali Jakubovitz says,

“This is a huge deal for us because we have been envisioning something like this since the beginning, and we can’t wait for our users to finally meet the Doodle Bot”.

How to use the new Doodle Bot in Slack

Whether you are coordinating with one person or many people, the Doodle Bot in Slack has your back. The Doodle Bot replicates the familiar Doodle experience using the same three steps: Suggest times, Share with participants, Select the best option. You can simply create a meeting request in any Slack channel, including direct messages and everyone can cast votes based on their availability. Then you can choose the best time, all without ever leaving Slack. The best part is, the Doodle Bot syncs all your Doodle Universe meetings in the Doodle dashboard both on the site and the app so you can schedule meetings across applications seamlessly.

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What about non-Slack users?

If you are working together or collaborating with people outside your organization, rest assured that you can still use the Doodle Bot in Slack. Non-slack users will receive a Doodle invite via email to vote and you will still see their responses and preferences directly in your Slack channel.

The future of the Doodle Bot

This is just the beginning! The future Doodle Bot will be able to suggest times for your meetings based on your preferences and calendar. It will provide automatic time options based on collective availabilities and send out invitations directly into your calendars. We’re just as excited as you are!

So say goodbye to time spent chasing after people and endless cycles of email threads. The Doodle Bot is here to make your life easier, give you more time to focus on other projects and make the most out of your future meetings.

Doodle works seamlessly with the tools you use every day - check out our integrations for better scheduling.

Ready to get started?

Use our Zapier integration to connect Doodle with Slack.

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