7 reasons Bookable Calendar should be your best friend in client-facing meetings

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Updated: Jun 21, 2023


A quick flick through Pinterest tells you that all friends are either angels in disguise, the cement that holds the world together or capable of refreshing the soul. Sentiments that are as sickly sweet as they are untrue. We all know that, in truth, while friendships may be beautiful things, not all friendships are equal or equally magical.

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There’s the “friend” you went to school with and who stalks you via social media. You never really see them except when you awkwardly bump into them during visits home when you’re never quite sure what to say, but, fortunately, they know everything about you.

There’s the social friend who’s handy for a chat and a drink but with whom your relationship remains as shallow as a midnight sambuca shot. The convenient friend is nice enough, but you’re only friends because they live on the same street or your kids go to the same school. 

My favorite of all is perhaps the vacation friend — a friendship that burns hot and bright for two weeks around the hotel swimming pool. “Let’s meet up soon,” you both promise as you part ways. You may send a Christmas card for a year or two. But then they fade into the holiday photo albums.

The friends that Pinterest is referring to are, of course, the best friends. That select group of people who are loyal and always there for you. Being in their company is always comfortable and familiar, as they always know what you’re thinking and what you need. This may sound like a strange way to introduce a blog post about a scheduling tool feature (because it very much is) but bear with me for a moment longer. 

You see, the tools and programs we use during our working day fall into the same categories. Social media? Awkward over-interested school friend. Teams? Social friend — suitable for a chat, but you can’t do any detailed work on there. Microsoft Word? Convenient friend. Nobody gets excited to use it, but it’s just there and, well, it isn’t dreadful. And the vacation friend? TikTok, Clubhouse or whichever short-lived platform is de rigeur that month. “I’ll never stop playing Pokemon Go,” you thought to yourself. Now? Not even a Christmas card.

What about the best friend? Well, I reckon Doodle and, more specifically, the Bookable Calendar feature has all the attributes and characteristics. Let’s take a look at its BFF credentials.


1. Best friends make life easier

We all have that friend who seems to attract drama. They’re fun to have around. Sure, they make life enjoyable, but they’re not bestie material because they make everything so complicated. Best friends don’t complicate; they help you simplify.

Bookable Calendar is easy to set up and easy to use. Set it up to fit your availability, create the calendar rules, and then share with clients, partners, and colleagues. No more email to and fro. Hours of trying to schedule meetings saved instantly. And it syncs effortlessly with your calendar tool of choice. No drama.

2. Best friends are fun to hang around

Good friends make you laugh, they make you smile, they make you feel good about yourself. Just like Bookable Calendars. The need to perform menial and repetitive tasks, like trying to schedule meetings with clients, is critical for reduced engagement within the workforce. And less engaged employees are more likely to leave the company, become stressed, or take sick days. They’re also less productive. Reduce the scheduling burden and you have motivated and engaged employees who are better equipped to help you reach your business goals.

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3. Best friends are givers, not takers

We all need to lean on our buddies from time to time; it’s what they’re there for. But some relationships only seem to go one way: it’s all about them. Bookable Calendar isn’t like that. Oh no. 

Bookable Calendar doesn’t ask for much from you. It’s entirely “set and forget.” And once “setted and forgetted,” it’s the gift that keeps on giving: faster scheduling, fewer emails, less stress, more time to work on the important stuff. What a pal!

4. Best friends aren’t jealous

A subsection of the needy friends are the friends who like to monopolize all your time. They greedily gobble up every spare moment so that you don’t have a minute to yourself, let alone any time to make new friends. Like HR processes.

Goold old Bookable Calendar is selfless. Like a faithful chum, it’s there for you when you need it and doesn’t get jealous. It goes out of its way to free up time so you can spend even more time in meetings with clients or dealing with those pesky HR processes. 

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5. Best friends are supportive

The sign of a true best friend is when you’re having a hard time. They drop everything to come and have a chat, or they immediately pick up the phone and give you a call. They’re wherever you need them to be, just when you need them most. That’s Bookable Calendar all over too. BC is always there for you through its range of bots and integrations — whether you’re on Outlook, Teams or Google Meet, it’s by your side helping you out when you need it. Plus, it’s entirely platform agnostic.

6. Best friends return your calls

You call, they don’t answer. You arrive at a meeting; they don’t show up. These are either descriptions of bad friends or disastrous client meetings. 

Fortunately, Bookable Calendar has your back on this one too. Every invite generated via Bookable Calendar has a rescheduling link right there. Clients facing deadlines or unexpected changes of plan can quickly and effortlessly choose a new time and date for the meeting, which means that your time and energies aren’t wasted on no-shows or last-minute cancellations.

7. Best friends are just best friends

Maybe they’re great listeners. Or they understand you. Or you’ve just known each other so long that you know what each other are thinking. Sometimes, it’s hard to untangle precisely why a particular person, or online scheduling tool, is best friend material. They just are. Your relationship simply works. You can’t imagine life without them and the world is a little better and sunnier because you know they’re around if you need them.

You know what else is like that..? OK, you get the picture.

As well as Bookable Calendar, did you know you can setting meeting reminders through Doodle? Here’s some reasons why meeting reminders matter.

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