4 easy ways to save time by using Doodle everyday

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Updated: Jun 21, 2023


By Michael Clarke

We’ve all tried it: making to-do lists, banning ourselves from looking at social media every 10 minutes or finding that hidden quiet corner in the office only you know about.

However effective these steps are, it sometimes feels impossible to free up enough time in your day to concentrate on your actual work. 

Even when your day ahead looks simple, the logistics of arranging meetings, finding the best time to talk and deciding who should attend can take over, swallowing up your time to focus.

According to the Harvard Business Review, employees spend 28 percent of their working day reading and answering emails. With more than a quarter of your work time spent on this logistical dance of emailing back and forth, employees are feeling a growing need to reclaim their time.

So how can you create time and be more productive with Doodle? 

With the line between work and home life being constantly blurred it’s more vital than ever to be productive during your working hours. This means you won’t have to resort to taking your work home with you. A recent study showed that typically the workforce in Australia were taking more than six hours of unpaid overtime every week in 2021. This equates to nearly an extra day of work a week for free. 

Group Meeting

By utilizing calendar tools that help you set up meetings, you can stop losing time due to planning and start being more productive. 

During the pandemic the average amount of meetings grew by 13 percent and were often held virtually. This trend to meet more often has made it vital to be in complete control of your calendar.

On average, 45 meetings are arranged by users every minute with Doodle around the world. The main reason for this is that we simplify the process of organizing when to meet and as a result of this save you time. 

By choosing to use Doodle you have already made a big step towards saving yourself time everyday.

Here are just a few simple steps that can help you free up more time when you are using Doodle.

1. Connect your Calendar

By connecting your calendar you can take advantage of every feature we have to offer at Doodle. By being connected you save time, as every meeting will automatically appear in your calendar without any extra steps. It allows you to clearly see what your week looks like and plan how to use your time.

Also with Doodle’s Booking Page you can show the outside world when you’re free or busy. Your colleagues or friends can request times to meet based on that information. 

2. Connect your video conferencing software

Everytime you organize a meeting with Doodle a unique link will be generated to join by video. This link saves time scrolling through emails to find meeting details or deciding on what video conferencing software to use.  You will only ever be one click away from getting started. Here is a simple guide to connecting your video conferencing software.

Add video conferencing image / Professional individual

3. Set up recurring events

There is no need to enter the same details for your daily or weekly meetings, Doodle allows you to repeat a meeting and will place this time in your calendar. With this feature you can plan months ahead in your calendar and map out an accurate idea about your time. 

1:1 Page Video Tile

4. Meet 1:1

With many different software tools being used in the business world it is sometimes hard to align what works for a specific meeting.

Doodle 1:1 helps cut out this discussion as anyone can be part of a 1:1 if they are a Doodle user or not. Your meeting partner does not need to sign up to Doodle to use this feature, just send him an invite and connect to meet.

The great thing about Doodle is you can use it for free. Create your own account today

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