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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Booking Page
Booking Page

Have you ever felt you never have time to do your job because you’re consumed with meeting requests? Half your day spent messaging back and forth trying to find a time that works, scheduling it in your calendar and checking it doesn’t overlap with anything else? 

That’s no way to work! Our lives are busy enough without loads of extra time added to our day to accommodate scheduling. That’s why we developed Booking Page - a tool to simplify scheduling, letting you reclaim your day and own your time. 

What is it? 

Quite simply, Booking Page is a way for you to automate your calendar. Rather than playing what feels like a never-ending game of email ping-pong, you set your availability and share a link with those you want to meet. Simple.

What if two people try to book the same time, we hear you ask? Well, that can’t happen. By being securely linked to your calendar, as time is booked we update everything to stop you from being double-booked. We also make sure everything stays up-to-date should someone need to reschedule.

What people love most about Booking Page is that you set the rules. As well as availability, buffer times, daily meeting limits, pre-meeting questions are all within your control. 

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At the heart of it, Booking Page works by automating what would normally be a lot of back and forth. When it comes to your availability, the page can exist for as long as you need it. Only need it for a week to attend a conference? Or just secured a new client for the next 12 months? No problem. You decide how long you want it to last. 

Each page has its own hours - set its creator. If you’re a Premium customer, you can create as many Booking Pages as you want and with custom branding, make them look how you want them to. What’s more, the length of the event is also in your control. Meeting times can start at five minutes and last as long as you want.

Location is another factor that won’t hold you back. More and more of us either work fully remote or hybrid, so Booking Page fully supports all video conferencing integrations. Adding a physical location will pull through to the invite, allowing people to plan the easiest route to the destination. 

Booking Page is compatible with Zapier, meaning you can completely automate your workflow. Through Zapier, you are able to connect to thousands of apps from CRMs to spreadsheets. Someone in sales could use this to pull Booking Page info directly into their CRM or create a Zendesk ticket every time someone schedules time. The options are endless.

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These are where Booking Page really comes into its own. By utilizing some or all of these, you can ensure your schedule works the way you want it to.

Time zone support: Booking Page can help you manage clients around the world by automatically updating invites to suit someone’s time zones. You also have the ability to change your time zone to create availability in different time zones. This could let someone in New York easily create availability for a European customer.

Buffer Times: These allow you to catch your breath between meetings. If you’re someone who knows your day can book out quickly, buffer times let you lock in sometime between events. With privacy at the heart of Booking Page, those scheduling time with you won’t see these buffers. They only see when you’re free. 

Maximum Bookings: We all know that meeting overload and Zoom fatigue can be a very real thing in a day full of meetings. With this feature, you can limit how many meetings you have in a day. Once that number is reached, we block out the rest. No more having to reschedule important meetings because of fatigue from too many meetings. 

Minimum Notice: This lets you decide how much time you need before someone books a meeting with you. Say you’re someone who likes to do research prior to speaking to clients. By using this feature, you could add a few days' notice to every meeting - giving you plenty of time to prepare. 

Book on behalf: Want to bring a manager in a recruitment call? Or an engineer to a sales call? Book on behalf lets you check their calendar and link it to available times, so you can bring the right group of people together to get the best results.

Custom Invite Fields: These let you ask any questions you need to before meeting with someone. For someone in sales, this could mean finding out more about what products a client is interested in. For a recruiter, more about a candidate's salary expectations. What you choose to ask is up to you. 

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There are a number of advantages to using Booking Page over scheduling via email. 

Primarily, it’s going to save you time. In general, using Doodle over emailing back and forth can save you around 15 minutes for small meetings and as much as two hours for larger ones. Booking Page adds to this simplicity by letting people choose an available slot you have predetermined. You set your times, they choose one and you meet. 

It’s great for your clients. Evidence shows that people who respond to inquiries quickly are more likely to be successful. That decreases the more time passes. If you’re able to offer your availability in a matter of minutes, your odds of success rise exponentially. 

No more double-bookings and no shows. Booking Page stops double bookings by blocking out the time when people choose a slot. It also massively cuts out the chance of people missing your meeting by sending reminders and updating your calendar automatically if they reschedule. It’s like having your very own assistant. 

It’s private. Just because you are sharing your availability with people doesn’t mean your whole calendar has to be on show. Booking Page will only show the times you are available. If you add buffer times or have a meeting already booked - nothing but your available times will show to those with your link. 

Using Booking Page makes finding time with people easier and faster than ever before. Why not try it out today?

No credit card required.

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