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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Live Pol

Ah, the infamous typo – we've all made them, even when searching for the perfect solution for our needs. If you've arrived on this post searching for "live pol," fret not. We understand you're probably seeking the wonders of live polls. 

Today, we’ll highlight the benefits of using them for your events, meetings and feedback collection, and how Doodle can be your go-to live poll software. 

"Life is too short for boring meetings" – so why not kick things up a notch with Doodle?

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What are live polls?

Live polls are interactive, real-time voting systems that enable participants to provide instant feedback when they’re available for meetings, events, and presentations. 

They're an effective way to increase participation, as they encourage active involvement in setting the meeting time. People will feel that their presence is important and their opinion matters. 

The advantages of using live polls are numerous. For one, they can result in increased engagement, as participants feel more invested in the outcomes. 

Additionally, live polls help to ensure that everyone's voice is heard, fostering a more inclusive environment. Live polling also offers organizers the ability to evaluate the impact of their content or performance immediately. For example, if you’re organizing a series of events and people start to drop off in later sessions - it could be because they’re not finding the material entertaining or useful.

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How to use Doodle for live polls

Doodle is your all-in-one live polling app, perfect for various scenarios such as live event polling, online live polling and even live polling for education and market research purposes. 

Creating a live poll with Doodle is a breeze – simply start a new poll, decide the days and times you want to offer as an option and send out invitations to participants. Either copy the link or let Doodle send it for you.

Using any device, participants can vote in real-time and Doodle will dynamically update the poll results. 

Plus, Doodle integrates seamlessly with popular calendar apps like Google Calendar, Outlook and Apple Calendar, ensuring smooth scheduling and streamlining the entire process.

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Case Studies: How Doodle can simplify real-world scheduling

Doodle has proven to be an indispensable tool for real-life scenarios, helping to streamline scheduling and driving successful outcomes for users worldwide. 

For instance, conferences have used live event polling to gauge numbers and tailor their programming to attendees' preferences. 

In classrooms, live polling for education enables educators to find the best time to gather students for ad-hoq sessions. This means they can work out how many people will be attending and adjust lesson plans as needed. 

At team meetings, colleagues can use the ‘if need be’ function when they don’t think their presence is important. They can also get the confirmed event booked directly on their calendar once a time is confirmed. 

As well as live polls, Doodle also offers other features that help you take back control of your day and automate your day. 

Doodle Booking Page lets you share your schedule with nothing more than a few clicks. Simply set your availability and whenever you need to meet with someone share the link. The great thing is that you will always stay in control of your time. If you want to limit your daily meeting or have time between them - all you need to do is turn those settings on. 

If you need to meet one-on-one then Doodle 1:1 can help. Whether it’s an interview or an employee performance review, decide the times you are free and send them to the person you want to meet. If they pick a time - it will automatically appear on both your calendars. No more email back-and-forth. 

Doodle also integrates with the world’s biggest video conferencing tool. So no matter where in the world you are, meetings shouldn’t be a problem. Connect with Zoom, Google Meet, Webex or Microsoft Team. Plus with Zapier you can integrate Doodle into your workflow in thousands of different ways. 

Final words

In summary, live polls offer numerous benefits, from increased participation and engagement to real-time insights. 

With Doodle as your live poll software, you can effortlessly create, manage and analyze interactive polls for any occasion. So go ahead, give live polling a try and let Doodle make it easier than ever.

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