How to Share a Microsoft Teams Calendar

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Bobby Rae

Bobby Rae

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Doodle and MS Teams

If you're using Microsoft Teams for collaboration and communication, you may have wondered about its calendar sharing feature. We'll walk you through how to use your calendar within Microsoft Teams.

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Accessing the Calendar in Microsoft Teams

To access the calendar, simply open Microsoft Teams and navigate to the left-hand sidebar. 

You'll find the "Calendar" tab alongside "Chat," "Teams" and "Calls." Click on it, and you'll be taken to your personal calendar.

Scheduling a Meeting

Once you're on the calendar page, click on the "New Meeting" button. Fill in the necessary details such as the meeting title, date, time and participants. 

Microsoft Teams will automatically send invitations to the participants, and they'll receive notifications in their respective calendars.

Sharing Your Calendar

Sharing your calendar with your team is a breeze. 

On the calendar page, click on "Share" at the top right corner. You can choose to share your calendar with specific individuals or an entire team. This ensures everyone stays up-to-date with your schedule and availability.

Manager Access to Your Calendar

Microsoft Teams offers various privacy settings, allowing you to control who can view your calendar. 

By default, your manager will have access to your calendar in most organizations, but you can adjust these settings to tailor them to your preferences.

Enhancing Scheduling with Doodle

While Microsoft Teams' calendar is a great tool for scheduling within the platform, you can supercharge your scheduling capabilities by integrating Doodle. 

Doodle is a powerful online scheduling solution that streamlines the process of finding the best meeting times, especially when dealing with multiple participants across different time zones.

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Doodle's Seamless Integration

Doodle seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, offering a comprehensive scheduling solution. 

By connecting your Doodle account with Microsoft Teams, you can easily schedule meetings outside your organization and with external clients, ensuring that the entire process is smooth and efficient.

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