How to Invite People to a Meeting in Slack

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In today's dynamic work environment, meetings are an integral part of collaboration and productivity. 

However, scheduling and managing meetings can be a time-consuming and often frustrating task. 

That's where Slack comes in handy. 

It offers a seamless and efficient way to invite people to meetings, streamline participation and enhance overall meeting productivity.

Here’s how you invite guests to a meeting in Slack.

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Step 1: Create a Channel

If you haven't already, create a dedicated channel for your meeting. 

This will serve as the central hub for discussions, announcements and sharing of meeting-related materials.

Step 2: Schedule the Meeting

To schedule a meeting, open the channel and click on the "Add" icon. 

Select "Create" and then "Meeting." This will open a scheduling panel where you can enter the meeting's title, description and duration. 

You can also set a reminder for yourself and invite participants.

Step 3: Invite Participants

To invite people to the meeting, simply click on the "Add people" button and search for their Slack usernames or email addresses. 

You can also add guests by entering their email addresses and selecting "Guests" from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Share Meeting Link

Once the meeting has been scheduled, you can share the meeting link with participants by clicking on the "Share" button. 

This will generate a unique link that participants can use to join the meeting from any device.

Step 5: Use Slack Connect for External Collaboration

If you need to collaborate with external stakeholders, you can use Slack Connect. 

This feature allows you to securely connect with individuals outside of your organization and invite them to your workspace.

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How Doodle Can Enhance Meetings

While Slack provides a solid foundation for organizing meetings, Doodle can take your meeting coordination to the next level. 

Its versatile features can help you:

Finding Common Availability: 

Easily find out when everyone is available by creating a Doodle poll and sharing it with the meeting participants. 

This eliminates the hassle of back-and-forth scheduling emails.

Resolving Conflicts: 

Doodle's visual calendar makes it easy to identify and resolve scheduling conflicts. 

This ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the meeting time.

Automating Invitations: 

Doodle can automatically send invitations to meeting participants once a time has been agreed upon. 

This saves you time and effort and ensures that everyone receives the invite promptly.

Tracking Responses: 

Doodle keeps track of participants' responses, so you can easily see who is available and who is not. 

This helps you make informed decisions about the meeting time and location.

By incorporating Doodle into your Slack workflow, you can streamline meeting scheduling, maximize attendance and ensure that your meetings are productive and engaging. 

Try Doodle today and experience the difference.

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