How to Integrate Slack with Outlook Calendar

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Feeling like your schedule is a circus act, juggling Slack messages and Outlook Calendar appointments? 

Fear not, fellow time tamers. We've got the steps to integrate these productivity powerhouses and waltz through your workday with grace.

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Step 1: Add the Outlook Calendar App to Slack.

Think of it as inviting Outlook to the Slack party. Head to the Slack App Directory, search for "Outlook Calendar," and click "Add to Slack." 

Give it a friendly handshake (read: permissions) and voila. Outlook is now officially in the loop.

Step 2: Connect your Calendar

Time to introduce the star of the show - your Outlook calendar. 

Open the Outlook Calendar app in Slack and click "Connect Calendar." 

Choose the calendar you want to tango with and boom, your schedule is now front and center in Slack.

Step 3: Slash Your Way to Calendar Bliss

Remember those fancy dance moves in old musicals? Slack commands are like that, letting you tap into your calendar with a flick of your keyboard. 

Try /ocal list to see your upcoming appointments or /ocal create meeting to whip up a new event right there in Slack.

Step 4: Sync Your Status

No need to tap dance between apps to update your status. 

Turn on "Sync status with calendar" in the Outlook Calendar app settings. 

Now, when you're in a meeting, your Slack status automatically reflects your calendar event, letting colleagues know you're busy.

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Bonus Round: Doodle for the Grand Finale

Need to work on coordinating meetings with colleagues? 

Introducing Doodle, your partner in scheduling pirouettes. Simply share a poll in your Slack channels and let your team vote on the best meeting time. 

No more email tag or calendar Tetris – Doodle takes the lead, leaving you free to focus on the important stuff.

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