How to Create and Automate Your Schedule Online

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Franchesca Tan

Franchesca Tan

Updated: Feb 7, 2024

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Picture a world where all your work meetings, personal appointments and everything in between seamlessly fall into place and you can focus on what truly matters. Imagine how much time you'll regain when you no longer have to deal with the endless back-and-forth emails, phone calls and scheduling.

Manual scheduling processes can be tedious, error-prone and time-consuming, but thankfully, there's a better way to manage your calendar and appointments: automating your schedule online. 

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The problem with manual scheduling

Manual scheduling can quickly become a nightmare, especially if you're juggling multiple appointments, meetings and events, trying to find a suitable time for everyone involved. The constant coordination is time-consuming and can take a significant portion of your day, let alone follow up with others. With multiple things happening at the same time, mistakes are also more likely to happen, leading to double-booked appointments or missed meetings.

The manual scheduling process lacks efficiency and can be frustrating for you and your colleagues or clients. On top, it's challenging to get an overview of your schedule and to quickly make adjustments when needed.

Tips for automating your schedule online

Fortunately, there’s a solution to all the problems above. Using an online system to  create and automate your scheduling can significantly reduce the time spent coordinating appointments. First, make sure to choose a reliable calendar app. There are several popular online calendars like Google Calendar. Pick one that suits your needs and preferences. Ensure your chosen calendar app syncs seamlessly across your smartphone, tablet and computer. This allows you to access your schedule wherever and whenever you need it.

Use the recurring event feature for regular commitments like stand-up meetings, project update calls, or even personal events like workout sessions. That way you'll eliminate the need to manually add the same event repeatedly.

Also consider using multiple calendars. Calendar sets are a fantastic feature available in many digital calendars. They allow you to manage different aspects of your life or work separately. This is particularly helpful if you have a complex schedule with various commitments. 

If you want to simplify scheduling further, try using a dedicated appointment scheduling platform like Doodle as it can streamline setting up meetings and managing your availability.

You can share your availability and find the best meeting times based on your preferences. Simply connect your calendar and configure your availability within the tool. You can set meeting durations and response deadlines or even send automatic reminders. 

Benefit from an automatic online schedule

You can automatically eliminate scheduling conflicts and errors when using a scheduling system. Many scheduling platforms, including Doodle, offer integrations with popular calendar apps like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, making it even easier to manage your appointments.

By connecting your calendar, only the free slots or the time you’ve selected as available will be visible to others. Collaborating with others becomes easier as scheduling large group meetings and events are smoother.

You’ll also experience accessibility as an added benefit. You can view your schedule from anywhere, any time, making it convenient for remote work or when you're on the go.

With a Doodle account you can arrange events quickly and completely free

Build your team’s schedule in minutes

Finding the right time to meet with a group of people doesn’t have to be complicated. Create a Group Poll, specify the time slots you're available, and Doodle will generate a link for your poll.

You can share the poll link with your team, clients, or anyone you need to schedule with. They can then easily access the poll and select their preferred time slots. Doodle will automatically find the best time based on everyone's preferences, eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication.

Once you decide on a time slot, Doodle will send out confirmations to all participants and sync the appointment with your calendar. You’ll no longer have to imagine saving all that time. 

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