What’s the right Doodle for you? Group Poll, 1:1 or Booking Page

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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Group Meeting
Group Meeting

You’ve decided you’re sick of the email back-and-forth and signed up for a Doodle account. Great! However, when you log in to your dashboard you see you have three options. Which one do you choose? 

Don’t fret. Whether you’re planning a big birthday bash or a 1:1 chat with a potential new client, we have the solution to meet your needs.

Here’s a simple guide to help you choose the right features for your event.

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Group Polls

Group Polls are what Doodle is famous for. They are excellent for scheduling large-scale events - whether it’s 100 or 1000 people. It only takes a few clicks to coordinate a large group of people to meet at a time everyone can attend. This is especially useful for team catch-ups, training sessions or board meetings, where navigating busy schedules can be a challenge. 

Group Polls streamline the coordination of all team meetings and are the fastest way to set a date for large events.

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Evidence shows that on average we spend 3+ hours a day checking work emails. Doodle helps cut back on the needless checking by making scheduling take no more than a few clicks - especially when it comes to meeting 1:1. 

Our 1:1 meetings are perfect for proposing specific times to meet with an individual. 1:1 meetings are especially powerful for freelancers and consultants. Everyone from financial advisors to stylists, as well as educators responsible for scheduling parent-teacher conferences.

Setting aside time for 1:1 meetings with clients, colleagues or new users is one of the most effective ways of building trust. As offices are being dismantled and hybrid working is being favored post-pandemic, the need for 1:1 personal meetings is now seen as more vital than ever.

Studies show that the length of our average working day has increased by more than 13 percent as a new hybrid model of work has been born after the pandemic. In turn, that has seen 1:1 meetings increase by around 62 percent

This means just because you're working remotely doesn’t mean you can’t keep up daily conversations with your co-workers.

Booking Page Video

Booking Page

Booking Page is a fully automated scheduling solution that allows people to book time on your calendar. You can decide what time you have available and let your meeting partner decide when to book.

Booking Page supports sales teams that need to act quickly on qualified leads, educators who want to automate office hours and recruiters seeking to accelerate hiring.

There are a number of advantages to using Booking Page over scheduling via email. 

Primarily, it’s going to save you time. In general, using Doodle over emailing back and forth can save you around 15 minutes for small meetings and as much as two hours for larger ones. Booking Page adds to this simplicity by letting people choose an available slot you have predetermined. You set your times, they choose one and you meet.

It’s great for your clients. Evidence shows that people who respond to inquiries quickly are more likely to be successful. That decreases the more time passes. If you’re able to offer your availability in a matter of minutes, your odds of success rise exponentially. 

No more double bookings and no-shows. Booking Page stops double bookings by blocking out the time when people choose a slot. It also massively cuts out the chance of people missing your meeting by sending reminders and updating your calendar automatically if they reschedule. It’s like having your very own assistant. 

It’s private. Just because you are sharing your availability with people doesn’t mean your whole calendar has to be on show. Booking Page will only show the times you are available. If you add buffer times or have a meeting already booked - nothing but your available times will show to those with your link. 

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