How Doodle’s availability set software can schedule your meetings faster

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Meetings are essential to the success of any business. But, finding perfect meeting times that work for everyone can be tedious and time-consuming - particularly when scheduling group meetings. 

If you regularly send numerous emails trying to find convenient meeting times for everyone, an availability set tool could be what you need. Let’s look at the benefits of using availability set software and how you can use various Doodle tools to find meeting times ideal for everyone.

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The benefits of availability set software

Scheduling meetings can sometimes feel like a logistical nightmare, especially when juggling multiple schedules. Here's how an availability calendar can be beneficial.

Time-saving: A lot of time is wasted scheduling meetings. For instance, two out of five workers in large organizations waste up to 30 minutes looking for an available meeting venue. 

Availability set software can help you save time by letting you reserve venues before meetings. 

It can also shorten the time it takes to schedule meetings. With availability set software, you can arrange time with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails or phone calls.

Enhanced flexibility: An availability set tool can enable you to provide parties with more meeting time options, making it easier to find a suitable time for everyone. 

Additionally, availability set tools with mobile apps can allow all parties to manage their schedules from anywhere. 

With mobile apps, parties can set up meetings and make changes from any location. This can be particularly beneficial if you're often on the move or work remotely.

Increased collaboration: Scheduling meetings all by yourself, particularly group meetings, can be challenging. An availability set tool can lessen the burden by facilitating collaboration. 

With availability set software, you can sync multiple calendars, coordinate schedules and allow parties to set their availability.

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Doodle can manage your availability in a variety of ways

Scheduling meetings can be stressful, but an availability set tool with the right features can make the process a breeze. Here are various features Doodle offers that can take the hassle out of scheduling.

Booking Page: Conflicting schedules can make it challenging to arrange meetings with clients or colleagues. With Doodle's Booking Page, you can set up time with anyone without worrying about double-booking.

You simply need to connect your calendar to Doodle and set your available hours. 

Then simply share a link to your Booking Page, allowing clients or colleagues to make bookings at their preferred times. And once they do, the meeting will appear on both calendars.

And that's not all the Booking Page feature offers. You can cap the number of bookings to avoid getting inundated with more than you can handle. Plus, you can send reminders to people who make bookings to prevent no-shows.

Group Polls: Asking multiple people to state when they're available or scanning numerous calendars to find suitable times can be tedious and time-consuming. With Doodle's Group Polls, you don't have to do any of these things.

Simply create a meeting, list various times and allow invitees to choose their preferred times. Plus, if invitees don't vote, Doodle will remind them to do so.

1:1 Meetings: One-on-one meetings are an excellent way to cultivate personal relationships with clients or colleagues. Unlike group meetings that focus on issues affecting many participants, one-on-one meetings narrow their focus on a single individual's issues, such as challenges, expectations and career goals.

However, scheduling one-on-one meetings isn't straightforward. 

While scheduling them may seem easier than scheduling group meetings, one-on-ones come with their own unique challenges. For instance, if you work in a small workspace, arranging a one-on-one meeting to discuss sensitive issues out of earshot of other people can prove challenging. 

Doodle's 1:1 can make the process hassle-free. Prepare for meetings ahead of time by choosing a private location and setting an agenda. Simply create a meeting, propose meeting times and allow participants to pick what works for them. Once they do, the event will appear on both your calendars. 

Integrations: Syncing multiple calendars can allow you to coordinate schedules with your clients or colleagues. Doodle integrates seamlessly with popular calendar services, such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and Apple Calendar, facilitating coordination.

Plus, it integrates with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, allowing you to create video conferencing links automatically with minimal fuss.

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Find available meeting times the easy way

Whether you're a freelancer who regularly schedules one-on-one meetings with clients or a salesperson who wants to make booking meetings easy, Doodle can make finding convenient meeting times for all parties quick and efficient.

Want to take the hassle out of finding available meeting times? Sign up for Doodle today.

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