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Updated: Aug 3, 2023


If you are using Doodle and need some tips for creating a poll, we would like to provide you with two examples of polls.

Survey example 1: your father's 60th birthday.

Special birthdays are big events and often come with a party. With many guests, the logistics can get complicated.

Let's take your dad's 60th birthday as an example. Since it's your father, you want to take matters into your own hands.

There are literally hundreds of relatives, friends, acquaintances and business partners to invite to the big day. That can be a terrifying thought if you had to do it all manually. Imagine having to write hundreds of invites, call around and keep track of RSVPs.

Don't worry, what used to take a lot of time is now done quickly, efficiently and clearly by Doodle's handy polling software.

Even when trying to organize a large event with hundreds or thousands of people, you need no more than a few minutes of time, as our survey example will illustrate.

To plan the big birthday party, you only have to create one Group Poll. Simply add the event details, the dates and times you want to hold your party and send it to your guests as an email or link.

Within minutes the perfect date and time will become clear.

Survey example 2: the company Christmas party

Every year, the company Christmas party is often one of the biggest events in most organizations.

As well as ensuring the playlist is keyed up, the cookies are decorated and bar is stocked, you need to get an idea of how many people you have coming along.

Rather than having to guess and end up ordering too much or little food, use a Doodle Group Poll to get a clearer idea of numbers even if it's just an idea a few months out.

When you start thinking about the Christmas party, sometimes as early as September or October, you can send out a poll that allows people to pick the times they think will work best for them. The great thing is that because it's so early, Doodle lets you offer a "If need be" option so people can say they think they'll make it, but can't be 100 percent.

This will let you book a restaurant, order the right amount of food or organize party games that get everyone in the festive spirit.

Whether for big birthday celebrations, company parties or whatever event you need to get an idea of numbers - use our survey examples as a guide and always plan your events successfully with Doodle's Group Polls.

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