What is a team event meeting?

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Bobby Rae

Bobby Rae

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

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What is a team event? 

This feels like a loaded question, but a team event can be a lot of different things. It could be anything from a quarterly planning session to establish your priorities to an offsite event to boost team morale. 

Team events have a number of advantages. From a business perspective, they are great at getting everyone on the same page. This means projects can be delivered to expectations and any blockers identified quickly. 

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On a more personal level, it gives your team a chance to get to know each other a little better. Depending on your company, your team might be based in different locations. Arranging a specific team event means you’ve got a chance to get everyone in the same room and bond in a way that can be difficult via email or video.

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How to plan a team event meeting

First, work out what type of event you want. Arranging a team planning session is going to be very different from an offsite. Be sure to think about the things you want to do, who you need there and if you want everyone to be there in person. 

A digital whiteboard is a great way to plan what you need. Not only can you pin all your ideas and talking points, but your team can also provide feedback and help in pulling everything together. 

Regardless of what you’re meeting for, an icebreaker is a must for your team event. Some colleagues may know each other better than others, so a few activities at the start of your session are a great way to make sure everyone is comfortable.

Make sure to take plenty of breaks - even if your event is a fun one. Team sessions, just like any other meeting, can be mentally taxing. Be sure to give everyone plenty of time to step away and collect their thoughts. You’ll get far better results than forcing everyone to power through.

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Scheduling your next team event meeting

It doesn’t matter if your team is large or small - finding a time to get everyone together can be a challenge. That’s where Doodle can help. 

With Group Poll you can easily find something in everyone’s diary in minutes. All you do is select a range of times you’d like to host your event and send it to the people you need. They’ll decide what works for them and in no time you’ll have the perfect slot. 

With Doodle Professional it’s even easier to always be there for your team. Not only can you get rid of ads, set deadlines and send reminders, but with unlimited Booking Pages and 1:1 meetings, you can always be there for them when they need you. 

Want to host your team event online? That’s easy too. Add your favorite video conferencing tool and its links will automatically be added to any invites you send.

Doodle makes it easy for you to arrange any type of team event, whether it’s a regular meeting or a one-off. No more email ping pong, just more free time for the important things. Try it for free today.

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