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Updated: Jun 22, 2023


Seamless scheduling meets flawless video conferencing

Now you can automatically include a Zoom link with every meeting you schedule with Doodle. Give your guests the when and the where for every meeting and ensure a smooth scheduling experience start to finish. Increase your show-rates and boost engagement with your team with the latest from Doodle.

“When a no-show happens due to scheduling inefficiencies – simply because an organizer forgot to create a Zoom link and add it into the calendar invite - it can be really frustrating.” - Product Manager at Doodle

Scheduling inefficiencies have a direct impact on meeting no-shows. No one likes being left waiting for someone to arrive at a meeting, only to have that person never arrive. The infamous meeting no-show, unfortunately, happens more often than any of us like. When it’s for a genuine reason (due to an emergency or last-minute change in priorities), we get it and we adjust.

No-shows happen often in the business world

Why? Most business professionals have heavy workloads, a long list of tasks and projects to complete each week and clearly outlined goals and KPIs they have to meet in their roles. So when they’re setting up meetings (be it with internal teams and stakeholders, or with external customers, partners and vendors), they’re not really paying a lot of attention to the scheduling part. It’s usually an afterthought. 

Most people try to spend as little time as possible on the meeting scheduling part itself. So they quickly set up a calendar invite, invite participants and hit send. But more often than not, they leave the ‘location’ tab in their calendar blank mostly because there might be participants who are based in other offices (or work remotely). So a video conferencing tool will inevitably be required. Of course, the meeting organizer has every intention of updating the calendar invite later once they’ve set up the necessary video conferencing link. But remember how busy most professionals are these days? Work gets hectic; time passes and all of a sudden it’s minutes before the scheduled meeting is set to take place.

Set up the Zoom link last minute is a lot of extra steps, juggling between different tools (and websites/apps). Time that can be cut out completely with our Doodle-Zoom integration. And in the process, it could reverse the increasing trend of meeting no-shows. That’s a win-win.

Set up is easy with the Zoom integration

1. Go to your Doodle account settings.

2. You'll find the Apps & Integrations among the rest of your account settings on the left side.

3. Connect your Zoom account and watch as Zoom links are automatically added to events you schedule with Doodle.

Connect the Doodle-Zoom integration and see how Doodle works seamlessly with the tools you use every day.

Ready to get started?

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