Introducing the Doodle-Zoom integration

Effortless scheduling meets flawless video conferencing

Zoom Illustration

Step 1

Go to your Doodle account settings

From the homepage or dashboard you can find your Doodle account settings in menu at the top of the page.

Zoom illustration

Step 2

Click Apps & Integrations on the left column

You'll find the Apps & Integrations among the rest of your account settings on the left side.

Zoom illustration

Step 3

Click 'Connect'

Click the 'Connect' button on the Zoom tile and follow the steps to connect your account. Then be sure to toggle the integration on to add Zoom links to all of your meetings.


Doodle works seamlessly with the tools you use every day



webex icon

Webex by Cisco

Power your hybrid working day with frictionless video conferencing.

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With thousands of integration options, connect Doodle to the tools you use.

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Outlook Icon

Outlook Add-In

Get the scheduling power of Doodle straight to your email and calendar.

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ms teams icon

Microsoft Teams

Generate conferencing links automatically and make scheduling meetings easier.

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Google meet icon

Google Meet

Automatically add video links to virtual meetings you schedule with Doodle.

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Microsoft Exchange Icon

Microsoft Exchange online

Schedule your day the easy way by adding Doodle to your email and calendar.

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google calendar icon

Google Calendar

Get a clear view of your day and sync all your events automatically.

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microsoft office

Microsoft Office 365

Bring Doodle to your office, save time and work the way you want to.

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Android App Icon

Android app

With Doodle’s Android app you can manage your schedule on the go.

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iPhone App Icon

iPhone app

With Doodle’s iPhone app you can manage your schedule on the go.

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