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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

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A Doodle User Experience Study

We spoke to Katrina Enros, who’s responsible for Global Engagement and Insights, about how Science Gallery uses Doodle to streamline their meetings, optimize their collaborations, and achieve their unique mission.

Meetings by the hundreds with stakeholders all over the world. Weeks of time saved.

Science Gallery invites the public to connect with scientific research in surprising and participatory ways. Partnering with a network of academic institutions, Science Gallery delivers a range of transdisciplinary exhibitions, events, and public programs that engage the community with scientific research and make space for discovery in the place where science and art collide.

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Easy scheduling (and scaling) with Doodle

At Science Gallery, collaboration is key: it’s facilitated at their events, and it’s also essential in getting those events off the ground. Science Gallery coordinates meetings with 130 internal employees as well as external stakeholders and prospective partners. Doodle ensures they can schedule meetings at scale and across institutions with a minimum of fuss. Katrina estimates it’s sometimes saved them weeks of back and forth, trying to pin down a meeting time. Katrina says, ' even enables us to have meetings that otherwise might not happen.'

“We’re dealing a lot with prospective members, where we don’t have access to their diaries... Doodle acts as a useful interface for that.”

Doodle for cross-platform scheduling

While Science Gallery uses one calendar tool, many of their external partners have opted for a different one. Luckily, Doodle is cross-platform compatible. Katrina has found this especially useful when approaching prospective partners. Even if Science Gallery can’t access their schedules, they can still set up meetings without time-consuming back and forth over email.


Doodle 1:1 is the perfect solution to meet one on one

With partners in places from Dublin to Detroit, Katrina often has to schedule meetings across multiple time zones. Finding a time for a quick one-on-one with Science Gallery’s Melbourne partners posed a particular problem: the only times that worked were outside Melbourne’s office hours. But with Doodle 1:1, the Melbourne partners can suggest a time outside office hours that works for them. Other advantages to Doodle 1:1? Katrina likes the clean, clear URL, with the Science Gallery domain, and the fact that it’s so easily shareable.

Ready to get started?

Use cases: Team meetings, external stakeholder, global scheduling, events, one-on-ones

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