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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

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What is the problem?

This Doodle client helps a team of recruiters connect companies to people from marginalized groups such as military veterans, moms returning to work or minorities.

They create opportunities for these people to gain employment in a variety of organizations - places they'd normally struggle to find work.

We spoke to a member of their team and he told us that Doodle helps them create a bridge between partners looking for talent and individuals searching for the next step in their careers.

"Doodle works as the bridge. We have everyone on the same page so they can connect in a quick and efficient way"


Doodle works as a bridge and brings people together

We were told that the team spends their time facilitating relationships between their partners and potential employees. Doodle plays an important part in that connection.

“As they’re registering, I’m distributing Doodle licenses to them. Doodle works as the bridge. We have everyone on the same page so they can connect in a quick and efficient way that would take so much longer if they were doing it by email.” For this talent team, Doodle is creating more time for them to nurture relationships between their partners and potential employees.

He also said the support he gets from Doodle is something that everyone on his team really appreciates. “We’re able to selfserve, come and go as we need to, but with the way Doodle is set up, it’s great to know that we can reach out and get help when we need to.”

Doodle’s Admin Console makes a real difference

“The Admin Console has really simplified the whole process of using Doodle.” We were told that for this talent team it's now so much easier to do time-consuming tasks quickly. “The ease of access, being able to add and remove users from our account with a few clicks and adding branding for it to look like part of our network means I can get in and out, do what I need to do and get on with my day.” No longer having to go back and forth, being able to do everything from the one place is why the Admin Console has brought Doodle to the next level for this team.

He added that he is pulling reports every other day in order to track activity in Doodle. He said that enabled him to see which partners are reaching out to talent. “Being able to pull reports in Doodle lets us see who is getting behind our hiring initiatives and being aggressive in their conversations with new talent. Before we had to rely on someone at Doodle doing this but now we can self-serve which has really streamlined the process.”

“I really would recommend it if you need a solution to book meetings more efficiently”

Doodle for Recruiters

It really does save time

In a team like this one, Doodle is saving hours of time by turning scheduling into a task that takes seconds. The Admin Console helps to enhance this even further.

“From how I was using Doodle before to how I’m using it now, I’m probably saving around 35 to 40 minutes a day.” With the ability to perform multiple tasks in one place and self-serve things like reports - the Admin Console cuts out a lot of the administrative strain. This lets the team spend more time helping partners and talent.

“If anyone out there is thinking of getting Doodle, I would say the ease of use from both a user and admin perspective are really important. It really can be picked up by anybody and used however you need it to be. I really would recommend it if you need a solution to book meetings more efficiently.”

From partners and talent to their internal team, everyone is very happy with the experience they get from Doodle.

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