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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

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UC Davis Case Study

A Doodle User Experience Study

The laboratory researchers at UC Davis have more important things to focus on than scheduling safety inspections. Tarran Richardson, Environmental Health and Safety Specialist at UC Davis, spoke with us about how Doodle’s 1:1 meeting feature helped their team save up to a month of time, avoid unnecessary inspection delays and ensure their lab was compliant with safety regulations.


Inspections are an essential element of running a successful, safe and compliant laboratory. But coordinating and confirming the schedules of all parties involved (i.e. researchers, heads of labs, assistants) can be a logistical nightmare. For the University of California, Davis, this is especially true as the number of lab inspections in a single year can run into the hundreds - each with multiple tiers of assessment and compliance required. So even the smallest scheduling inefficiencies could put their laboratories at risk of non-compliance. That’s why UC Davis knew that basic calendars and back-and-forth emails simply wouldn’t cut it. Instead, they needed a scheduling platform that could simplify, automate and speed up the scheduling process, ensuring the completion of necessary laboratory inspections for compliance.


UC Davis’ laboratory researchers have more important things to focus on than scheduling safety inspections. Their time and energy is better spent on conducting scientific and medical research, experiments and trials that could potentially change the world - and even save lives. By using Doodle 1:1, the lab team at UC Davis has been able to save a considerable amount of time (in some cases, an entire month) by scheduling hundreds of inspections in a matter of minutes. Rather than sending out hundreds, if not thousands, of emails to the inspectors and auditors, UC Davis’ lab team can send out Doodle 1:1 invitations and allow the inspectors to simply select the best time that works for them. It’s that simple.


Why Doodle is the right meeting scheduling platform for UC Davis

Doodle is primed to handle any meeting you need to schedule - be it group meetings, one-to-one meetings or any combination of meetings/events. This is the kind of flexibility required to overcome any scheduling challenge. And the flexibility goes beyond the type of meeting you need to schedule - it’s also baked into the invitation process. Doodle has the power and flexibility to help UC Davis schedule hundreds of laboratory inspections and balance the schedules of thousands of busy researchers every year.

Use cases: external stakeholders, one-to-one meetings

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